Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Leo and Sagittarius

Together, Leo and Sagittarius are a magical match. These two ambitious and passionate souls have a lot of fun being together, and others will love just being in their aura because they’re the life of the party. Being four signs apart on the zodiac wheel means a harmonious connection between two people of the same element, and these two fire signs know how to set the night on fire. Together, Leo and Sagittarius have an optimistic outlook on life, a love for the new and exciting, and a brilliant sense of adventure. Both are witty and gregarious, and the communication between them flows seamlessly.

When Leo and Sagittarius meet, there’s an instant and undeniable spark. That’s just a warm-up to the heat these two can generate as they take their romance to the next level. Lovemaking is playful and romantic in the beginning, but it heats up quickly with great passion and a powerful connection. Leo and Sagittarius are both signs that like their freedom as much as they like being together, so it’s not likely either will hold on too tightly.  They both know how to make a relationship work.

Love by Element: Fire and Fire

Leo and Sagittarius are drawn to each other because Fire always seeks Fire. Their connection can be a bright and beautiful bonfire, but it can also burn out so fast that it becomes a flash in the pan. Fire cannot be contained or controlled, and neither can Fire signs. There has to be a degree of autonomy in this relationship to keep it exciting and alive. These two will have to take special care in keeping their commitment without smothering their fire. When a couple of the same element comes together for love, they have to be careful to not become too competitive; and this can be a problem for this otherwise awesome couple.

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