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Leo and Leo Compatibility

Leo and Leo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Leo and Leo

A Leo and Leo romantic match can work, as long as they give each other respect and there’s a spotlight big enough for both to share. To date someone who is the same sign can be a wonderful easy-going experience as long as things are going smooth. Both Leo and Leo are warm and generous souls who show their family, friends and even each other tons of affection.  As for Leos in love, there can never be enough affection. As a couple, Leo and Leo are a star-couple with very sophisticated taste. They live to make an entrance onto any scene that is a scene, arm-in-arm and dressed to impress.

Money might be an issue since neither Leo nor their identical counterpart is practical with money. Hopefully one of this pair, if not both, has the cash to fund their lavish tastes. As Leo and Leo are fixed signs, they don’t invite significant changes without reason.  It’s essential that these two continue to welcome new friends and experiences into their inner circle to keep their relationship fresh and alive.

Love by Element: Fire and Fire

Fire is always attracted to more fire, so it makes sense that a Leo and Leo match is an ideal pairing. However, a Fire and Fire attraction means two people who are equally strong and competitive. They can be drawn to one another for many reasons, partly the challenge and the fact that they can’t help but poking the lion a little bit, just to test their boundaries. In short, they enjoy a little passionate play, both in an out of the bedroom. This romance may be a rush of two flames that unite into a wildfire, but if they’re not sharing the spotlight, it can also burn up in a blaze of glory. Since a Leo and Leo couple thrives on passion, they’ll have to be sure they’re giving and getting equal attention. Luckily, they have someone who understands them.

The Good Side of Leo and Leo

Lights, camera, action!  When Leo and Leo enter the scene as a couple, all eyes will be on this king and queen of the jungle. It’s a good thing that Leos are adept at making money because these two want to live life in largesse—the bigger and the more over-the-top, the better. Both are thrilled to have an equally exciting partner by their side. As they both would expect, they’re just as hot in the bedroom as they are everywhere else.  However, these two also share an emotional side that includes families, traditions and holiday celebrations. As these two grow older, they’ll love learning more about life and each other, and their bond will continue to grow as long as they’re together.

The Bad Side of Leo and Leo

While Leo and Leo are abundant in ambition and their quest for a better life, they often lack the planning skills that support long-term goals. It would be best if these two stuck to making money while letting a third-party manage their money. Also, while these two are happy to share the spotlight most times, if one is attracting more attention than the other, it could result in a jealous catfight, especially if the relationship is new.

Keys to a Successful Union

In a Leo and Leo romance, it’s essential to love and understand themselves individually because their partner is their astrological twin. These kings and queens of the jungle have a passionate connection, which can also lead to a lot of drama, but luckily they are hard-core romantics as well.

Here’s the key to success: These two love being together in their own Leo world. However, it’s crucial to have separate interests, and even friends to keep life interesting. One of their more successful skills is keeping the romance alive through continual dating, even after years of being together. Another is not being judgmental when their partner goes overboard, because it could easily be the other way around.

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