• Psychic Shauna

Life’s Dead Ends

What do you do when you hit one of life's great impasses? Perhaps you feel like you are going nowhere fast in your career - or maybe you are stuck in a stagnant relationship. It might seem like you're ... read more

All You Want is Love

We humans have a universal thirst for romantic love. For many, pairing up seriously, or even getting married is the truest measure of success. So much so, that some may wait to find "the one" before even ... read more

The True Meaning of Christmas

We come together to celebrate life, peace, joy and connectedness, our psychics remind us during the holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas for religious, spiritual or traditional reasons, it is a ... read more

The Real Thing

Nobody wants to hear that it will take months or years for their dream to come true - especially when they're bouncing off a badly broken heart, looking for a warm, safe, loving place to land and ease ... read more
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