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Many are ringing in the New Year, worried about the future of the world we live in: the environment, the politics and the economy. We asked our psychics to give us the big picture of what to expect in the year to come.

The US economy is on everyone’s mind. Our psychics see that the situation will continue to remain unstable, with little hope for a quick return to prosperity.

“Mars will journey through the sign of Leo for almost 8 months, and for 3 months, it will be retrograde. The Leo drama will cause economic plans to stall, there will be roadblocks, but we will use our financial resources more wisely. The economy will swing upwards as Mars goes direct.” – TeriLynn ext. 9625

“Expect an upsurge in the economy around July, then buckle your seat belts because there will be a big turn of events.” – Shauna ext. 9010

“The economy will finally begin to improve in the later part of 2010 as financial institutions are restructured or eliminated.” –Alison ext. 9885

“Due to the high rate of unemployment, there will be an increase in crime. Retailers will accept only debit or credit cards. Cash transactions will be limited.” – Jacqueline ext. 9472

Credit card companies will be reviewed and fined for unfair business practices.” – Maryanne ext. 9146

American politics will have more issues to deal with, though psychics see health care reform coming to fruition.

“Similar to the 60’s protests and demonstrations, there will be college campus riots and protests as our nation continues to experience a fluctuating economy and the war in Afghanistan.” – Gina Rose ext. 9500

“There will be a health plan that creates substantial changes for the medical industry. Through this higher vibration people will also seek alternative healing methods.” – Jacqueline ext. 9472

Our environment will continue to prove to the world that we must help Mother nature, while science will offer us some much needed breakthroughs and surprises.

“We all need to watch Mother Nature, respect her power, be aware of her changes and work towards her good.” – Shamira ext. 5125

“Small earthquakes will become prevalent. More and more tropical storms will appear out of nowhere. Scientists will become aware of the extinction of certain marine life and there will be an urgency to find some answers to control it.” –Jacqueline ext. 9472

“There will be much flooding and fires. A shortage of fruits and vegetables will be one of the repercussions.”- Lemuria ext. 5114

“There will be revolutionary breakthroughs in stem cell research.” – Pixie 5224 ext.

“Mutations of the swine flu will occur, as the flu circles the earth as many as nine times.”Shauna ext. 9010

Do you agree with our psychics predictions? What does your own intuition tell you about 2010?

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