Spiritual Duties and Service to Family

Although I don’t consider myself a blogger, this topic stood out to me because of my own caretaker duties I perform for a family member. Being on a spiritual path for many years, studying various philosophies and teachings, I am faced daily with the ultimate lesson – putting into practice everything I read, believed in and preached… in other words, walking my talk.

The subject of spiritual duty and service encompasses the ancient paths of righteous living, both on the cosmic and individual levels, sometimes referred to as the “law of being,” but in one word, Dharma. It comprises the ideals, purposes and right ways of life, an individual’s required path and duties in observance of this law of right living.

This means that the privilege of service to others is filled with golden opportunities, even if there is discomfort and inconvenience, to become a better person (not forgetting karma!). Science is now finding that when we do something good for others, it creates positive feelings of love and compassion, producing biochemical changes which can strengthen our immunity and health. Also, by doing something good for someone else, it is an expression of love.

Dharma also stands for the divine spark of existence deep within our being, and we have the power of realizing our essential nature is connected to this divinity. Then it’s up to us to fully manifest this. This is every person’s dharma.

In the Course of Miracles, the principle of Atonement was love, and the Atonement was the acts of love. By acts of love the inner light within us is released which reawakens our spiritual vision. The principles of love, duty and service apply to all members of society who help each other. These are gifts worthy of being offered at the altar of God. The Atonement, the final miracle, is a remedy, and any type of healing is a result.

So when I think of my daily family duties, I remind myself of how important it is to live up to these basic values of life – love, duty and service. I’m reminded of the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto to you. So if I am an expression of the divine essence, let me choose love.

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