The True Meaning of Christmas

We come together to celebrate life, peace, joy and connectedness, our psychics remind us during the holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas for religious, spiritual or traditional reasons, it is a time to find merriment and restore your soul for the new and very busy year ahead.

In our climate of political and global change, our psychics offer their personal ideas on the true meaning of Christmas and offer tips on how to feel an integral part of the holiday whether you plan to be alone or surrounded with friends and family. For those who are feeling a bit blue or have a chilly case of the “Bah Humbugs!” our psychics offer suggestions for lightening up your inner Scrooge.

Maryanne ext. 9146 adds that the sense of joy that is the spirit of Christmas is nearly impossible to avoid whether it comes to us through friends, family, seeing the excitement of small children, or taking in the wonderful lights and decorations everywhere.

“The true meaning of Christmas is found through reflection on all the blessings of the past year,” believes Althea ext. 9582. “To me, Christmas is about giving, graciously receiving and being grateful to those who bring joy to my life year round.”

Join into this universal feeling of love, and the true spirit of giving without any expectations (even if you are alone this Christmas), suggests Yvonne ext. 9883. Find a way to raise your spirits. Go to see the Nutcracker, a tree lighting ceremony… volunteer at a soup kitchen or hospital, a nursing home, find a way to show appreciation by bringing cookies to neighbors, be a Secret Santa, or set an extra place at your table for a neighbor who would appreciate company on this holiday.

When we share ourselves and our good fortune with each other in this way, we see that we are never really alone, Joyce ext. 9598 believes.

Our psychics describe holidays spent alone at home can come as a blessing in disguise. “I logged up the fireplace, snacked all day and watched old movies on TV. The solitude was spiritual… I didn’t miss the usual holiday babble,” Shauna ext. 9010 describes.

“Some holidays alone are easier than others,” another psychic admits. “I stay in my pajamas and have chocolate and red wine for breakfast. I think about the coming year, set up goals, write gratitude lists, and talk with family and friends on the phone. I take aspirin and antacids at bedtime and thank God for a wonderful day!”

The holidays can bring out the “scrooge” in even the best of us. Some of our psychics suggest watching A Christmas Carol or reading The Grinch Who Stole Christmas to lighten the heart.

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