2012 Myths

Opening this weekend, the new film 2012 is filled with apocalyptic doom and gloom related to the infamous year in which Mayans predicted the end of civilization. With all the hype surrounding what 2012 will truly bring, we asked our own Psychic Shauna ext. 9010 to weigh in on this controversial topic. Here’s what she has to say:

According to the prophets, we live in an interesting time — one which marks a return among the patterns of the stars, called the Shift of Ages. This grand cycle affects not just Earth, but the entire Universe evolving alongside us.

The Stone Calendar of the Aztec people is a cosmological map showing how we are exposed to and participating in the multiple galactic energy fields and patterns currently unfolding. This map predicts critical times during which the system crumbles into chaos, emerging to reorder itself into a new kind of system. It portends that our future is unfolding moment by moment and is implicitly connected with each choice we make.

That is why your actions in this moment can have powerful effects on our entire planet. As all forces converge, you make a difference. You are always adding your thread to the web of life, empowering yourself and the rest of us at the same time.

The famous prophetic Mayan Calendar shares a universal message: we are all one and life has a purpose. The timeline of Mayan chronology shows a wave pattern of cycles, a creative and evolving Universe, a cosmic plan that is an ongoing evolution. It’s a tool that provides us with knowledge of the yin/yang energies that guide evolution. It’s a meter of the movement of creation inviting you to tune into the flow of evolution, develop your intuition, and become co-creator of the divine. It’s our personal evolution of consciousness.

Because evolution is a wave pattern of dark and light, intensified conflict between the Old World and the New World will be experienced. We will see this astronomically, personally and on Earth as shifts occur. The key is to stay centered as we will be challenged when it appears everything is falling apart. Our focus should be about creating balance both on a global and an individual scale, unifying East-West, body-soul, spirit-matter. We are living in a conscious Universe in which the destiny of humanity needs to be fulfilled and prepared for the forthcoming Golden Age, which is marked by our calendar in 2012.

Do you agree with Shauna’s interpretation? Weigh in now!

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