All You Want is Love

We humans have a universal thirst for romantic love. For many, pairing up seriously, or even getting married is the truest measure of success. So much so, that some may wait to find “the one” before even bothering to take their first baby steps up the ladder of life.

But what happens if we are left waiting for love, we keep loving and losing, or that lofty perfect person just doesn’t seem interested? Oftentimes, this is when we choose to consult a psychic, to help us find out what the hold up is… But what if you have a reading and love doesn’t appear to be in your immediate future?

When we take into account that love is one of the universe’s greatest tools for teaching, it becomes a fact of life that dry spells in love will occur. “Romantic love may just be absent for a time… though nothing will get a reader’s head bitten off so quickly as imparting the news that you just don’t see love in a reading,” laughs Liam ext. 9290 “except maybe when a reader has to inform someone that a wayward lover isn’t returning.”

Ask your psychic what you need to be working on now, to help bring love and romance and a relationship into your life. “It may be that the love you’re waiting for is in the process of forming on the cosmic tapestry,” says Shauna ext. 9010. “They may need to complete something before they’re ready for you. Or maybe it’s you that has to make some changes before you’re ready for love.” the psychic explains. “No one likes karma, but it could be that in this lifetime your greatest challenge is to learn to be with yourself and love yourself before your true love appears. We need to be patient for a loving relationship to manifest.”

Time on this earth is different for everyone, Shauna continues. “You are on your own time frame and should never compare yourself to your neighbor, friends or family members. We all know people who bloom with success early on and many do find love at an early age. Others accomplish their greatest achievements after they’re 50, and some of us meet on the tapestry of love later in life.”

Our psychics tell us that they do countless readings where callers are looking for their forever and ever or their happily ever after romance and yet at the time of the reading it’s just not in the cards, the stars, or in the intuitives line of vision. Instead they might see a series of happy commitments that are far more fulfilling than being unhappy and stagnating in one relationship.

One psychic tells, “I had a client who was on a spiritual fast track. With all the places her path was taking her, a committed relationship simply could not survive. I reminded this client that it was her choice to follow what the universe had for her that simply rocked… but if she felt she would find more happiness in a relationship, she could make that choice as well. Men were coming up in her readings, but only temporarily. She did go ahead and try the relationship route, but it didn’t work out. Instead, she discovered that what she was driven to do really didn’t accommodate another person’s needs. She also discovered life was rewarding her left, right and center when she stayed on course, instead of focusing on Mr. Right.”

Loving yourself is actually the most cherished, spiritual relationship in the world, Shauna reveals. “So don’t fret if your love is postponed. While on your pathway to meeting your true love, learn to love yourself the way you want someone to love you, because that person you’re going to meet is going to be a mirror of who you are inside.

There are wonderful exercises, affirmations and mantras that can help you bring love into your life, our psychics suggest. “Look at your reflection in the mirror as you say to yourself, ‘I am love.” Shauna advises. “Go ahead, say it out loud, shout it, and believe it! If you want to meet someone, imagine the perfect person waiting out there for you,” Shauna suggests. “Then let go of the image. Letting go is the first step in finding someone to love you. Next, let the higher powers do their work. It will happen!”

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