When Will You Be Loved?

So love keeps passing you by despite all the effort you’ve put into manifesting ways to meet your one true match. Even though you’ve made it perfectly clear to the universe that you want a soulmate, you’re still solo. Your common little wish for long-term love is obviously being ignored.

Or is it? That’s the question we put to our psychic intuitive team this week – and apparently it’s the subject of many of their calls. Surprisingly, most of our our intuitive’s answers fell into three categories:

1. You’ve got to have faith.
2. You may really not be ready – yet.
3. You appear to be chasing love away.

Whoa you say… who wants to hear that? Since you’ve tried everything else, (or so you say), why not consider taking a deep down look into your consciousness and see if maybe there’s an awareness of the possibility that it has something to do with you. This simple acknowledgement may be just the thing to change your luck in love.

The reason, tells Shauna ext. 9010 is that love really is all around us. You have to believe it’s there or you’ll never receive it. But some of us just don’t realize that we are putting up resistance – like not having faith, not believing in our lovability, expecting true love to come in a specific package, or protecting ourselves from all love because of one love that turned painful in our past.

Josepha ext. 5170 hears from people everyday, who have a deep belief in their subconscious that they are not worthy of love and subconsciously act as if they don’t have a chance at finding it. “I hear the doubt in their words and their voices – and often it’s so clear that others must spot it, too.”

Josepha had a client who was crazy about a man she works with. She honestly believed she would never have a chance with him, because every other woman in the office had eyes for him, too. She picked up that he was attracted to her, but she freezes around him. Josepha’s caller had closed the door to the possibility of even getting to know this man, by considering herself to be insignificant. “When I get callers like this, I work on making them believe in themselves… so that they begin vibrating in what I call a different attraction mode,” the psychic reveals.

“When we empower these strong feelings of unworthiness it’s hard to bring in love,” one psychic suggests. “These negative belief systems are so deeply ingrained in us that we may not have even the slightest clue that we are giving off a life force that lacks the energy to bring in a good connection. The core problem is a lack of love for themselves. Even if people just say ‘I love you’ whenever they look in a mirror and try to believe it – they will feel changes.”

Psychic Shauna adds, “People and miracles respond to invitations. It’s as if you need to say, ‘My love, I know you’re out there and you are invited into my life now.’ Then be patient, because belief is a process. The magic only happens if you trust it. You can tiptoe into the process with less resistance if you use affirmations or prayer.” She describes a friend who meditated twice a day for six months to clear her energy for love. “Some days she was diligent and other days she felt discouraged. Then one day a man visiting from Greece sat down next to her and their hearts jumped. They eventually ended up together.”

Some people are so invested in their stubborn ideals of exactly who the love of their life will be, that they won’t even consider someone who doesn’t make it all the way through their check list, our psychics disclose. They set their expectations too high, or won’t even consider someone they don’t see as being “perfect” for them.

“This crops up so often in readings. Callers will say, they only date MBA’s or tall people, or thin people with green eyes,” Maryanne ext. 9146 points out.

“All of this is just fear holding people back,” Jacqueline ext. 9472 understands. “Callers worry about making a mistake in love… perhaps it didn’t work for their parents, or maybe they really don’t want to be in a relationship at all!” she suggests as other subconscious motivators for letting love go by.

The best way to know what the answers are for you is to ask yourself the questions, then listen deep down to what the real answers are. Then trust yourself and be fine with whatever you learn.

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