A Reader Shares Her Story

We received this letter from Dakota in our mailbox this morning and thought we should share:

Dear California Psychics,

Good luck Dakota! We wish you the best! Thank you for your article on “Brush off Negativity” which is very insightful and helpful indeed.

I was at a 3-day conference in April where I competed for an officer position on the executive team. I didn’t win the position, but I had prepared myself for both situations, losing or winning, and although I was aware of the negativity throughout the campaign, I wasn’t prepared for the hurt I felt by the other person’s campaign speech on Friday during the candidate’s showcase. On Saturday during the business meeting the speech was altered considerably.

The conference ended on Sunday, but I felt very emotional and weepy all week and couldn’t shake the feeling or get myself into a positive mood. No matter how hard I tried, my thoughts kept revolving around what the first speech implied. Surprisingly on Tuesday I felt very happy and told myself that I wanted to retain this happy feeling, but on Wednesday when I went to the cafeteria to get some breakfast, I was suddenly overcome with emotion and felt weepy again. By the time I returned to my office I was sobbing dry sobs. I had to quiet myself for fear of someone overhearing me. Along with the dry sobs I felt nauseated as if I wanted to throw up, and that is just what I did, but it wasn’t food of any kind, it was just air or some invisible substance which I thought of as a round, grayish flow, something that came out of me which I couldn’t see but sensed. I felt immensely better after that and haven’t felt emotional over the situation except for today, Friday, when I reminisced the exact wording of the speech and became a bit teary again.

On the two occasions where I found myself in the presence of this person, I found it difficult to be friendly or carry on a conversation. I also felt the need to share and talk about it with some friends who I knew would understand the situation and my experience.

Your article on “Brush off Negativity” has reinforced my need to protect myself from negative attacks, which I never really remember to do!  But this afternoon on my way home, I was neutralizing all negative vibes and returning them to their source!  I am very happy to say that now, when I look back on the situation, I don’t feel hurt or angry and I feel able to forgive and put it behind me.  Even so I may find it a bit difficult to be too friendly for the time being.

– Dakota

5 thoughts on “A Reader Shares Her Story

  1. Kim Taylor

    I am SO going to try this myself! It’s a good way to reflect at the end of the day to help make tomorrow better.
    Thank you for you lovely insight!

  2. Dakota

    Dear Lucretia,
    I had read the article about your plaque in your kitchen. What a wonderful way to assess your day and renew your spirit! You are absolutely right about the many things that divert us from our chosen path! The story of your plaque reinforced my need of something to remind me to reassess each day. Thanks for caring. Your response has been a tremendous help!
    Blessings to all of you!

  3. Lucrecia Ext. 9326

    Dear Dakota,
    I’ve read your story just now and I would like to share with you what I do. You may have have read about my plaque in my kitchen that asks “What Did I Let In”? Yes, I do have a plaque:-) This plaque reminds me to take a look at all the negative things that filter in thought out the day. It could be an angry glance from a stranger that had an affect. It could be a terrible film or awful thought that had had a subliminal affect. It could also be diet and lack of exercise. Sometimes it’s the Heavenly Attributes. Any combination of these things can really throw me off my mark. So breaking it down to “What I Let In” always helps me. I hope this is helpful.
    Always with love,

  4. Dakota

    Dear Abigail,
    My sincere thanks for your encouraging remarks. I will treasure your comments and continually remind myself that releasing negative energy is an invigorating powerful force! I wish I had learnt about this force earlier in life. I would have been a lot happier then, but better late than never!

  5. Psychic Abigail

    Dear Dakota,
    You are so sweet & sensitive you see the positive most everyone.You were hurt because you yourself could never imagine stooping to such tactics. Here is the wonderful thing about what you just experienced you are the better person with this in the end. You have learned how to not let others effect your happiness by letting what they did go back to where it came. Releasing it is a invigorating powerful force. Your emotions and thoughts are the things that you are totally in control of. Remember no one can take that from you so with that power you can choose to be happy.


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