Psychic Predictions 2009

A comforting spiritual energy will run through 2009, our psychics predict, becoming one of the most positive forces of the New Year. As the economy continues to have a major effect on our country and the world, our lifestyles will bend and shift. We will work harder, but the world will swing into a paradigm of change through the energy of teamwork, family and community.

The year ahead
“2009 is an 11/2 year in Numerology, which means that the new directions our country saw as 2008 closed will give way to a strong desire for people to mobilize their actions in 2009. As a 2 year (2+0+0+9 = 11 which breaks down to 1+1 = 2), our awareness of living in a global community will be in the news every day as leaders all over the world will emphasize the need to bridge existing isolationist views. The world will move towards becoming a community.” Shauna ext. 9010

It’s a year to dream with your feet firmly planted on the ground. For some, the year is an opportunity to begin again, though success will come as a reward – as a reinforcement of hard work, planning, structure, organization, simplicity, recycling and downsizing. With this new cycle and the precarious and uncertain times ahead, partnerships and good relationships will be highly important, our psychics believe.


Money matters
The economy will make the case for change in our lives as the market goes up and down over the year ahead, though some intuitives see improvement by the end of the year.

“The economy will turn around much sooner than economists now predict, as we set aside personal greed in order to resolve the issue.” Ariel ext. 9775

“An upsurge in Asian markets will lead to overall global economic improvement. But watch out for a July stock shock when the Dow plummets amid fears of another Mideast war.” Liam ext. 9290

“The stock market will fluctuate wildly from now through the end of March. It has not bottomed out. Real estate will not begin to sell again until mid-year.” Gina Rose ext. 9500

“The housing market will pick up slowly beginning in March when the economy in general will begin to pick up and unemployment will begin to go down,” one intuitive predicts.

“Gas prices will soar again next summer.” Gina Rose.

Lifestyle trends
Affected by a downturn economy and a spirit of unity and teamwork in 2009 we will shift the way we work and live.

“Plant farms, nurseries and seed catalogs will see an increase in sales as people make purchases for their backyard gardens and container gardens to cut the cost of groceries.” Gina Rose.

Our psychics predict what will make the news this year in science, the weather and the world, It appears that earthquakes will be shaking up the country.


“A new fault line will be identified, when a major earthquake shakes northern Texas, Arkansas and Missouri.” Donna ext. 9448

“Earthquakes will hit Yellowstone National Park and Northern California. Tornadoes and fires will increase.” Shauna.


“Osama Bin Laden will be apprehended by March of 2009 by an operation of Special Forces. He will be found somewhere other than Afghanistan.” Liam.

“More UFO sightings and disclosures… ” Liam


And, as always our psychics tuned in on the celebrity lives we love to follow, live vicariously through and gossip about.

“This will be Jennifer Anniston’s year for both love and fame. Brittany Spears will continue to reinvent herself and gain even more popularity. Oprah get’s shockingly rebellious. There’s new love for Madonna, a possible move, along with drama over the children with her ex, Guy Ritchie.” Miss Krystal ext. 9192

“Jennifer Aniston will quietly marry a successful businessman. The Jolie-Pitts will adopt another child (or two?).” Maryanne ext. 9146

“Paris Hilton will marry and announce a pregnancy late in the year.” Donna ext. 9448


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