The Real Thing

Nobody wants to hear that it will take months or years for their dream to come true – especially when they’re bouncing off a badly broken heart, looking for a warm, safe, loving place to land and ease their sorrows. But as the old saying goes, “Time heals all wounds,” and if you’ve been wounded in love, it’s at least doubly true, says Clairvoyant and Tarot reader Shauna ext. 9010.

Never-the-less, she reveals with heartfelt assurance, that telling a caller that their wish to find lasting love is at least a year, probably more, down the road, is never easy.

Almost two years ago, the psychic received her first call from Jill (not her real name) who was riddled with confusion over why she and her fiancé had been engaged for months and still hadn’t had a conversation about a wedding. Even more upsetting to the 28-year-old was that Zach had not given her a ring. He kept cancelling their appointments with the jeweler, all for good reasons, Jill explained – but she was still feeling uncomfortable about everything.

Actually, “I’m sort of embarrassed, Jill admitted, “everyone keeps asking me about our plans. Does Zach have cold feet, about getting married?” she asked the intuitive.

“Has he ever had an affair?” was the hard question that followed, as Shauna kept seeing the Lover card come up in her Tarot spreads, as she was channeling her guides.

“No. I’ve even asked him… he says no. I believe him. It’s not possible… we spend too much time together.”

But the messages that were coming through to Shauna indicated otherwise. Jill called the psychic several more times, asking her to look into the matter – Shauna’s answer was always the same.

“Oh my God, Shauna, Zach just left… We had a fight and he admitted he did have an affair! But he swears he loves me. It was a last fling. I feel better now. I’m hurt, but now I know. I can’t believe it! It was just a one-time thing… We are going to get the ring tomorrow.”

But psychic Shauna’s messages of betrayal still came through just the same as they had before. “Don’t take his word as truth,” she warned her client. Then she went on to ask Jill about a man around her at work, who was obviously attracted to her. Jill admitted there was a man that she found interesting, then dismissed the subject. “I’m in love with Zach,” she insisted.

Jill soon called Shauna again, this time with painful news. Zach had left her for the woman he had the affair with. He had been seeing them both for months. Even more shattering were the rumors that he had given her a ring. She was devastated, but not surprised. She blamed herself for ignoring the warning signs, but was shocked that a man who professed everlasting love and proposed to her so sweetly, could betray her trust so indifferently.

“Let him go… I still see another man around you at work,” Shauna recommended. “There’s a spark there, but something is holding him back. He’s a good, loyal man. I do see that you could be together.”

“When?” asked Jill.

Shauna remembers thinking that the universe had sent her caller the gift of time to heal before another very important relationship would begin. But under the circumstances, Shauna knew that Jill might not see it that way. “It’s at least a year away… my timing may be a little off,” the insightful psychic offered.

“A year or more… are you sure?” Jill asked hoping for better news. She admitted to Shauna that over the last weeks, as her relationship with Zach had been deteriorating, her chemistry with Alec had become unbearable for both of them. There was definitely something unusual and familiar between them, but he was committed to another woman. He told her he needed to untangle himself before things could go further. “That will take a year?” she asked with disbelief.

Shauna told Jill that she saw choices for her. The psychic knew that Alec was being truthful about his feelings and his entanglements. He had thought he was in love with the woman he had purchased a home with until he got to know Jill. Her caller could wait for Alec or she could move on, but either way she was not going to find love in the immediate future.

Over the following months, Jill backed away from Alec and went into a period of depression. She called Shauna intermittently and they worked on her issues of trust. Eventually, Jill thanked the psychic for her readings and support. She now had the strength to move on, she announced gratefully.

Weeks ago, more than a year since their last reading, Shauna got a quick call from Jill. “Thank you for your caring and your insight. Alec is the loyal friend and lover you said he would be. I just called to tell you, that finally, finally, finally… I got a ring!”

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