Life’s Dead Ends

What do you do when you hit one of life’s great impasses? Perhaps you feel like you are going nowhere fast in your career – or maybe you are stuck in a stagnant relationship. It might seem like you’re butting your head up against the wall regarding the same issues – over and over again. It may seem like hopelessness and fear have set in for good. They haven’t!

When there doesn’t seem to be any way around a situation, and you don’t have the faintest idea what to do next, our psychics tell us it’s generally an indicator that something new and better is on the horizon. You just can’t quite see those possibilities from where you are… yet.

The general consensus from our intuitive team is that there aren’t any real “dead ends” in life. “It’s simply time for a new adventure,” Jesse ext. 9027 points out. “In order to move on, you have to come to the realization that you’ve completed a chapter in life that no longer serves your best interests – and it can even feel a little like mourning. When people fear that life is over because they have lost a lover or were laid off from their job, I tell them that they have been given the gift of boundless possibility. Their fear of the unknown then becomes a challenge.”

“The problem is that people can’t see this… they can’t imagine a future, beyond their perceived dead ends – so these periods can seem very dark,” Joyce ext. 9598 reports.

At times like these, a reading can be very helpful – a psychic can assist callers to become centered, so they can at least pull back a little and see the bigger picture. After all, it is human nature to resist change, our intuitives remind us. “A reading can show a caller that they are not facing a dead end at all. Instead, there’s a bright and wonderful future waiting for them,” Chel ext. 5153 points out.

“Readings for those who believe they have exhausted all avenues can be one of the most exciting reasons to look on my inner viewing screen. There are always new possibilities that often confirm what someone had thought about but hadn’t considered in depth,” explains Tammy ext. 9380.

For example, Josepha ext. 5170 had a customer who said he was stuck in all areas of his life, and he didn’t understand why. The psychic could see that he was too involved in his mother’s personal struggles – they were blocking any movement in his own life. He wanted to be there for his mom, and that meant he was putting restrictions on where he might relocate and look for a better job. After a considerable psychic shove from Josepha, he opened up his job search – and his whole life along with it. In the end, his mother did better as well – simply knowing that her son was happy and prosperous.

Chel’s client was in a dead-end relationship with a man who was really bad for her – but she kept holding on. She called the intuitive, wondering how she could still be in love with this guy. “I was able to show her that she had done too much giving in the relationship,” Chel relates. “So it was hard for her to part with that investment. When I explained that I also saw a new man and a better future for her, she was finally able to let go.”

A huge part of maneuvering beyond a dead end is having the faith to let go and be able to understand the underlying causes that may have gotten you there. People tend to focus on the hurt, so the helplessness of being stuck in life and attempting to find clarity becomes an overwhelming challenge – they don’t see the new directions life is actually providing for them.

“There are often messages or synchronicities,” explains Sophia ext. 9882 “that are a form of universal guidance… however, not everyone is sensitive to universal guidance. Stress or turmoil may make it impossible to see or to understand. People can always meditate, pray – and try to intuit a direction for themselves.

William ext. 5131 warns his clients that you can’t simply ignore a dead end in the hope that it will somehow disappear. “We are all intuitive beings – when we have acknowledged that we have come to an endpoint, it’s important to look for alternate paths. I recently had a call from a customer who had hit a wall in his marriage. He had done nothing, hoping that things would change, but they didn’t. I saw that there was love and a desire for healing on both sides, but it would require action – in other words, the marriage could change. A few weeks later, he called back to thank me.”

“Our lives are filled with experiences that have a beginning and an end. Each experience that comes to a halt, a wall – or a dead end – is not valuable unless you attempt to understand what happened in that experience,” Shauna ext. 9010 believes. In the process, you may have to lose people who have no place in your new phase of existence, or maybe even shake off old attitudes and behaviors that need to be eliminated – but the transformation will be worth it!”

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