Collective Consciousness

Every day, whether we are aware of it or not, we experience the effectsof collective consciousness. Our moods and energies shift, and areaffected by the moods and energies of others – no matter how distantthey are. We are all part of a universal whole.

With so much negativity projected in the world these days, it takes a little more effort to sift through the negative collective noise and reach the positive collective voice. But it can be done – by consciously shifting our own thoughts in a more positive direction on a daily basis. Prayer circles, distance healings, or anything that seems miraculous is proof-positive that collective consciousness can be harnessed, and used for the collective good.

In nature
One of the best examples of collective consciousness can be found by observing nature. Ask any kid who ever had an ant farm. These tiny insects live together in colonies, doing their little ant things for the group. However, if you separate and relocate a portion of the colony, they will – eerily – perform the same tasks at the same time as their brethren. This can be dismissed as instinct, until you put it to the test: if you drop a crumb of food that is too large to be carried by a single ant, and do this to an ant that is distanced from the rest of the colony, other ants will come and help. Do it simultaneously with a colony that is divided and separated, and both colonies will respond simultaneously to their particular relative who needs the help. Many believe this is a glimpse of collective consciousness in action.

Tap into it
In order to harness the power of collective consciousness, you must first accept that you are already a part of it. All things in this life are a part of the collective. It is this overwhelming, flowing veil of energy that connects all things, and is all things. It has no beginning, middle or end. Because you are a part of it, you have access to it. Simplistically, it is the Law of Attraction – you receive what you project.

There is power in positive thinking, because of the collective consciousness. This reflects the law of attraction: every moment of every day, each of us adds to and affects the balance of the collective. Because negative attracts negative, the mental stone you throw today could be the real-life rock that chips your windshield tomorrow. Likewise, a random act of kindness, long-forgotten, could be the momentum propelling an unexpected moment of joy today.

Now that you know you are part of the collective, you are conscious of it. Use that awareness by living mindfully. Pay attention to your thoughts and actions, because they are a part of the collective. Pay attention to all that surrounds you, because everything else is part of the collective as well. Meditation draws you further into awareness, into collective consciousness. So does mindfulness and prayer.

Take the challenge
The collective consciousness challenge is an energetic experiment. For one week, consciously allow yourself to feel connected to all things. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions, and all that surrounds you. Set aside some quiet time, and envision yourself as a part of the collective, affecting – and being affected by – all things. This is a prime opportunity to project your positive will, and attract the boundless like-minded energy at your disposal. Your thought of love, or peace, or change will find its way to other similar thoughts, so keep in mind that this energy affects everything – not just you. And remember, energy never dies – it’s the first rule of physics. The more positive energy you put out there, the more positive things you will receive.

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  1. Katie

    I was doing research for my sociology course and clicked on this website without reading the URL first. Pretty sure this wasn’t what Durkheim meant. Not at all.


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