Moon in Aquarius

The Moon is in Aquarius today, which favors friendly gatherings and group activities. It can also bring out your humanitarian side because Aquarius rules human rights and activism. It’s the sign of brotherhood and seeks to level the playing field for all of humanity. Aquarius is also the boat-rocker, always wanting to disrupt the status quo so that change can bring improvements. Needless to say, if you feel rebellious today, it’s probably the Moon in Aquarius at work. So think about how you’d like to change the world and take some steps to make it happen!

One thought on “Moon in Aquarius

  1. maria Carmen

    If we teach the people to do meditation and to have love and kindness the world we be more happy and more secure, more respect for another human been.
    Love and kindness for every one in this new year 2012


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