Red Responds: They Got the Promotion Instead

Mary in San Antonio writes:

I have been working at my present employer for four years. I have done very well and have been happy. However, we are starting to go through some reorganization and things are getting confusing. I was told that I was going to get a promotion and have been hearing this for months. However, it now turns out that another person will be getting the promotion I was told I was going to get.

I feel like the promotion was stolen from me even thought it hadn’t happened yet. However, I haven’t given up. There is another position that may be opening up soon and I would really like to move into that position. If I don’t get that position, I will be so frustrated I think I will probably look for another job in another company. I was wondering what you see happening. I could really use some guidance.

Dear Mary,

Not everything is always as it seems, especially in the business world. There is a lot of energy and consideration going on behind closed doors at your company. In time, all of the facts will come out, including your promotion.

While it may seem as if you have been passed over for the promotion you were told you were getting, it doesn’t mean that you have been entirely passed over. I do see that you will have a promotion, one which includes a title and pay increase, shortly after entering 2009. I don’t believe this is the position you mentioned that may be coming available, it seems like a new position in it’s entirety.

This is likely to be a very stressful time, but your company has more changes that they plan to implement. Unfortunately, the people that surround you at work and give you tidbits of information don’t know the whole story themselves. Part of this is because not all plans and decisions are final. It is a hectic and confusing time for the company, as well as you and the rest of the employees.

If you allow your frustration to lead you, you will find an equivalent position in a different company with relative ease. However, if you can just hang in there, you will be better off and rewarded by your current employer. You do a good job and seem to be well-liked. The best thing you can do for yourself is talk with your immediate boss about furthering your career path in the company, and you will feel much more at ease about how things are going to unfold.

Good luck!
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