Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Scorpio and Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces are a mystical, magical, intuitive pair. When they meet for the first time, they will click in an instant magnetic connection. Sensitive Scorpio feels that Pisces understands them like no one else ever has. As for Pisces, Scorpio represents the structured and reliable relationship foundation that they need. Scorpio is the natural leader in this relationship, and that’s fine with Pisces. Pisces can step up to the plate, but they don’t feel the need to be the boss in the way that Scorpio does. And when it comes to making love, their connection transcends the barriers of physical sex and becomes an out-of-body experience. These two enjoy a heavenly connection that is physical, spiritual and emotional. When Scorpio gets into one of their moody, broody moments, their intuitive Pisces lover will be there to coax them out of it. Together, they can create a home that’s comfortable and cozy to all who enter. And since neither is quick to trust “outsiders,” only their closest family and friends will know the location of their private sanctuary.

Love by Element:  Water and Water

When Water and Water make a love match, they’ve both found a partner who intuitively understands them. Scorpio will appreciate how Pisces instinctively knows when to give them space and when to coax them back into the present moment. Home, family, and close friends mean everything to all Water signs. Home is the sanctuary these two seek to enjoy private moments and intimate gatherings that take them far from the outside world. Behind closed doors, this relationship is a blissful, emotion-filled, out-of-body experience that only two Water signs could attain. The only thing these Water signs need remember is to not bottle-up their emotions. Otherwise, they’ll be a tsunami of emotions that could rattle them both.

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