Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Scorpio and Cancer

When Scorpio finds Cancer for a love match, they’ll discover one of their best astrological partners; this relationship is close to perfect. Cancer and Scorpio are each other’s emotional and intuitive equal – kindred spirits. Both are water signs and can be very moody. While that may not work in connection with other Sun signs, it’s understood in this relationship, because it shows an emotional depth which surprisingly leads to a level of trust they both desire. Cancer’s desire to have a family and a beautiful home life matches Scorpio’s vision of an ideal future.

This pairing can only be described as harmonious when at its best. Both Scorpio and Cancer feel they’ve found someone who understands them, so neither will feel the need to explain their needs, deeds or emotions. No relationship is 100 percent perfect, but this relationship can be nurturing and healing for both, like a match made in heaven.

Love by Element:  Water and Water

In love as in life, water always seeks water. So, when a Scorpio finds themselves face-to-face with a Cancer, they’ll likely feel an irresistible attraction. Cancer’s best match can be another Water sign, and although Scorpio can fit well with just about anyone, they’re at their best with a fellow Water sign as well. Scorpio and Cancer both want the same things in love—home, family, stability. Both can also be moody, so they understand one another. However, being so alike doesn’t mean total bliss. If anger or jealousy becomes part of the dynamic, it can have devastating effects on this relationship. Not to worry, though, a Water and Water love-match is usually for life.

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