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Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility

Scorpio and Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn together make a go-getter couple with a list of achievements and ambitions-galore. While they’re supportive of each other’s endeavors, sometimes they’re both so busy, they don’t get to spend much quality time together. However, both Scorpio and Capricorn value this relationship and know the importance of time spent together. Scorpio will likely be the one to initiate time off from work, and Capricorn appreciates their lover’s timing and attention.

Physically and emotionally, this is a great match. Both are caring, loving and committed to one another, and they genuinely want to make their partner happy. If they live together, their home will be cozy and comfortable with all the creature comforts that make life enjoyable. Behind closed doors, super-sexual Scorpio will be happy to see the naughtier side of their business-minded partner. These two have a great rapport, similar values and awesome combined energy; however, they can also get so busy with life that they’ll have to make an extra effort to keep the sexual spark alive.

Love by Element:  Water and Earth

When it comes to Water sign Scorpio and Earth sign Capricorn, this is a love match made in heaven. Water and Earth combine here to make a wonderful muddy mixture of emotions and physical pleasure, as well as having some similar life ethics surrounding work and family. There are differences, of course. Water’s nature is emotional, while Earth signs are more grounded and practical. If there’s a problem in the relationship, Capricorn will want you to communicate what the problem is so they can fix it. Unfortunately, Water signs like Scorpio need to process things intuitively and emotionally first. These two will learn each other’s processes over time and hopefully, make allowances for their different styles because this is a match worth keeping.

The Good Side of Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn make a real power couple when they’re at the top of their game, and they won’t ever stop their climb to the top. Still, as busy as these two may be, they should make time for each other a priority, or they may inadvertently lose the love of a lifetime. Ambitious Capricorn has goals, and that is something Scorpio understands. Scorpio can offer Capricorn lots of sound business advice for sure, but it’s their adoring passion that turns this couple into a real hot commodity. And though Capricorn may not go as deep emotionally as Scorpio, they will give you all the love they have. Together they can have a beautiful home, a wonderful brood of children, and a pretty perfect life.

The Bad Side of Scorpio and Capricorn

No matter what the priority of the moment—home, family, career, Scorpio, and Capricorn are a dedicated couple who will do whatever needs to be done to accomplish their goals. However, with so much on their plates, getting some alone time may be difficult at best. As in the beginning, they’ll have to continually work on making time for their relationship. If left undealt with for long periods, this couple could lose touch and eventually trust as well. Then they’ll have to start from scratch.

Keys to a Successful Union

Scorpio and Capricorn can enjoy a pleasant, relaxed relationship. These two are two signs apart from each other on the zodiac wheel, indicating they share the same values and attitudes. Also, sharing friends and enjoying excellent communication give this relationship an easy flow.

Here’s the key to success: Shake things up a bit—plan date nights, take vacations, try new places to enjoy unusual cuisine. The only real snag they may encounter is learning how to keep the sexual side stimulated. You may be as close as two siblings, but you’re not siblings—you’re lovers. Have a common goal for your future. Be grateful for having a relationship with your BFF.


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  1. Ramona M Reid

    Hello my husband and I have a complications with communicating. We used to be so close and in tune with each other. But now for some reason we’re off track and we’re not seeing how to add and will constantly disagreeing and sometime are going to the point where we may say things that may be hurtful. However after all of this no one has left the relationship or cheated on anyone. We love each other both and we have no intentions of leaving each other we just trying to find a way to get our communication and I’m going back please help. He’s a Capricorn born 1-6-81. And I am a Scorpio born 10-29-67.


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