Decoding Spiritual Messages from the Universe

Decoding Spiritual Messages from the Universe | California Psychics

Messages from the Universe

Many of my clients call in for help interpreting signs that they have been getting from the Universe. Sometimes these messages come to us through our dreams, other times through events in our everyday lives. There are even times when we’re not sure what the sign is, but a gut feeling leaves us sure that we’ve received one. Decoding the messages that Spirit gives us is not always easy. The following is a list of signs that we might experience and what they mean.

Repeating Numbers

Although numbers and counting are human in origin, the Universe still uses them as a way to communicate with us.

11:11 or 111

This is a sign that you should pay attention to where you are and who you’re with at that moment. This is a confirmation that you are moving in the right direction and to be confident in the choices that you are making for yourself. Seeing a series of ones can also mean that a deceased love one is trying to get a message to you. Consider speaking with one of our Psychic Mediums so that you can learn what your loved ones are trying to tell you.

Eleven is considered a Master Number in numerology and refers back to your spiritual path. Some people believe that 11:11 is indicative that you are a lightworker and that you are here to act as a bridge between people. You have the ability to bring individuals from different groups together and help them to see their shared commonalities.


We are living in a world where most of us are pulled in multiple directions and often find ourselves a bit out of balance. The number 2 is considered a number of balance, so seeing repeating twos could be a head’s up to make sure that you are living a balanced life.

Three twos is considered to be a message from your angel guides, telling you that if you persevere, you will be successful.


One meaning of repeated threes is that you are reaching a point where you will need to make an important life choice. You will need to review all of your options carefully before you make the final decision. Another meaning is that you are being called to be your authentic self and to confidently speak your truth.

Each individual number has a meaning, one that is increased and projected when it is repeated by the Universe. To learn the meanings of more repeating numbers, read our blog here.


In numerology, 1234 is considered a full-circle number because, when added together, they come back around to 1, which is a number of leadership and new beginnings. There are a number of meanings associated with 1234 or 12:34. One is that it is time to simplify your life, both your inner and outer one, in order to begin again. Another meaning is that you are on the right track to achieving your goals, or that you have achieved them. It’s a wonderful sign overall.



One belief about cardinals is that they are spiritual messengers, either angelic or that of deceased loved ones letting you know that they are close and watching over you. Another possibility is that you might be going through a difficult time and are doubting yourself. The arrival of the cardinal is the Universe telling you that you have it in yourself to be successful and to continue to move forward.

Bird in Flight

Flocks off birds flying can mean that it might be time to travel or take a trip. They may mean prosperity, abundance, or success in your current projects. It could also be a sign from your guardian angels that you are always protected, and you have nothing to fear.


Butterflies are one of the most potent symbols of transformation and change that you have. The process of letting go of what does not serve you, only to emerge as a newer version of yourself is a powerful experience, and one that you shouldn’t run from.


If you are noticing spiders in either your dreams or day to day life, it is a reminder to take time to create the life that you wish to live. It can also be a head’s up to include some creative outlets in your life.


If you are seeing or more commonly, hearing a grasshopper, it is a sign that you need to be ready to take a leap of faith. Grasshoppers are also a sign of abundance, and a sign that it’s time to chase your dreams.


An ancestral guide has a message for you. The cat is also a sign that you are in your element where others are not, and that it’s time to explore the unknown. You are patient, confident, and wise, and these traits will serve you well in the future.


The crow teaches you to be mindful of judging others (and crows) and to stand out in thought and action—even if it goes against popular opinion. It is also a sign to pay attention to omens and messages.


Dolphins serve as a reminder not to focus on the little things that seem big and overwhelming—the things you can’t control. They are also a reminder that it’s time to relax and have more fun.

The world is full of animals, each with their own meanings. We have the answers for you.

Symbols in Nature


Clouds are half Water half Air, and therefore can inspire abstract thinking (seeing images in the clouds) and emotions, such as when grey days can induce feelings of sadness. As clouds are naturally ephemeral things, one of a cloud’s many meanings is that nothing lasts forever. Storm clouds can mean that either healing or inspiration is on the way.


All trees have meaning, even the most common and beloved ones. Oak trees mean strength and protection, maple trees symbolize generosity, balance, and intelligence, and the willow represents growth and harmony.

Tea Leaves

The art of Tasseomancy, or tea leaf reading, is an extremely old practice. People used to read their tea leaves in the morning, starting in the 17th century, after their morning cup to show them what was in store for their day. It’s done by reading the shapes of the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup based on the meanings of those symbols and shapes.


Sometimes we turn on the radio and it feels as if the song playing is aimed right at us. Sometimes it is an affirmation that we are on track, while other times it might be a song that was important to someone close to us. Paying attention to the radio can lead us to insight and confirmation.

Losing/Breaking/Finding Items

We have strong ties to our belongings, so it is no surprise that Spirit will attempt to communicate with us through our belongings.

Let Spirit Speak to You

There are so many more ways that Spirit tries to reach out and communicate with us, but these ways are often highly personalized. If you need help interpreting the signs and omens that you are seeing, never hesitate to reach out to one of our gifted and caring readers to help you find the message that Spirit has for you.

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  1. Carly Strickland

    What about seeing eyes? Or a eye? I’ve been seeing them so much lately and I feel like it’s a sign from the universe. Also I saw an owl fly out of no where on the way home from work (night time) and this morning I encountered 2-3 red Robbins fly in front of my car while driving.


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