Synchronicity Through Numbers: Signals from Source

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They’re Not Just Coincidences

If you have clicked on this article, odds are your experiences with synchronicity through numbers have already begun. If not, they’re certainly about to. It usually starts with 11’s. You check your phone at random and it always seems to be to 11:11, 1:11, or various hours on the 11th minute. It’s become a strange pattern. Or you buy a sandwich and drink for lunch, amounting to $11.11 at the register. You notice a resonating lyric comes up during a song holding special significance for you, and it’s at the 1:11 mark. You can’t help but see 11 on nearly every license plate you pass, and the freeway exit taken for a promising job interview happens to be marked “11.” It’s harmless enough; seeing several occurrences of 1111 doesn’t necessarily mean much to most people. Repeating numbers can easily be brushed off as coincidence at best, and, at worst, they can go entirely unnoticed. But for those who have an inkling the numerical patterns occurring in your life might be something a bit more, read on to decipher what these “coincidences” might mean for you.

Signals from Source

Numbers are one of the clearest and most often used methods our spirit guides and higher selves communicate messages to us. As part of our mathematical Universe, all numbers vibrate at different, specific frequencies, so each frequency represents a particular meaning that’s relatively stable. It’s a good way for Source or Spirit to confirm answers to our questions, or communicate with us in a way that’s translatable and less likely to be misperceived. Since Spirit can’t always write out an exact response to our most pressing matters, numbers provide a framework to clue us into Divine insight.

Doubles and Triples

Double numbers (22, 55, etc.) intensify in vibratory meaning. Triple numbers, then, are even more potent in clarity. Divine insight really wants to get through to you when you start seeing triples often. Something else to consider: 11 and 33 each carry their own translation, of course, but together, they form a kind of context in overall meaning. It’s up to the receiver to use their best judgment and intuition as to the contextual specifics while not allowing ego to get in the way, say, if you’re hoping for a certain answer. That’s among many reasons to take up meditation, as the practice creates space and stillness in your mind to allow for Source guidance to come through. This mental space helps clear the possibility of your ego translating messages incorrectly. Usually these numbers or series of numbers are recurring and develop special meaning for the individual, beyond the accepted associations. Once Source realizes that 11’s act as a confirmation for you, for example, you’ll start seeing them both as a message under their traditional definition, as well as direct affirmation.

When you become attuned to numbers presented along your path, your experiences of synchronicity will exponentially increase. And soon enough you’ll have to start laughing right along with the whole Universe (which has a pretty good sense of humor, by the way), as the modes of delivering these interdimensional “winks” can become rather clever. Now let’s see what Spirit is saying.

Entire novels could be written on the symbolism held within the number 11 alone. But for today, know that it’s seen by the ancients as a key to unlocking the subconscious mind. 11’s in your life highlight clues to your experience here as a spiritual energy expressed through a physical form. When 111 appears, pay special mind to your thoughts as you are currently in a vibration to manifest—for better or for worse. Center your thoughts around only what you want, not what you don’t want, as the Universe is taking a snapshot of whatever you’re thinking in this moment. If you don’t like what the Universe just saw, correct your thinking immediately. 11 is also known as a gateway number. Once you start experiencing synchronicities in your life revolving around 11, the doorway to the spiritual world has opened, and you have been given an invitation to begin walking through.

The builder number. You see 22 and 222 when you are in a position to begin tangibly bringing seeds of thought into the material plane. This message gives you guidance to continue cultivating whatever you’ve been developing in your life and to not give up in the 11th hour. Your desire (if it is within the highest good of all) will come to pass very soon.

This number represents the connection to the Ascended Masters—or, highly evolved self-realized spiritual beings like Yogananda, Jesus and Quan Yin, to name only a few. When you see 3, 33 and 333 in pattern around you, know that the Ascended Masters are also near, and they’re ready to help guide you in whatever you need. All you must do is ask.

4’s are all about laying down foundational work. They’re about building your home, energetically, spiritually, physically. 4’s represent family matters and ideas of a grounding nature. Think also of the 4 Earth elements and the 4 sacred directions, so balance comes to mind when 4’s cross your path. Spirit is acknowledging your work in creating a balanced life both in the physical and spiritual realms, and it asks you to continue taking actions towards your highest good so that you may align with your soul purpose. There is nothing to fear when you see repeating 4’s, as they’re a great sign you’re doing exactly what you need to, in exactly the time it must be done.

5’s carry the vibrational meaning of change. Not good, not bad, just all-around change, and seeing synchronistic 5’s in your life means it’s coming on fast and usually in a big way. All change is a natural part of the flow of life, so an added message when seeing 5’s repeatedly is that you must do your best to move through the impending shift with ease. It’s not a perfect reality, so this doesn’t always happen, but if you can hold grace as priority right now, you’ll reap the benefits of embodying such a state.

Hope this one didn’t strike fear in your heart upon first glance. 6, 66 and 666 actually carry the vibration of unconditional love, empathy, compassion, and so on. However, if you’re seeing 6’s often, and especially in repetition, it’s a signal from the Universe that your thoughts are out of balance, and possibly a little too focused on the material world. The Universe might be asking you to focus on your spiritual path a bit more than your current monetary concerns, for instance, in order to bring about balance in connection to the spiritual realm. Seek opportunities in being of service to others, no matter how big or small.

If you’re seeing 777, somebody up there sure likes you. The Universe is applauding—celebrating you even. The message 7’s carry is one of direct connection to Source Energy and it’s saying your efforts have been on point and you’re on a roll. Repeated 7’s are an extremely positive sign to expect accelerated manifestations in your life.

8’s are another number with a vibrational meaning that varies by the receiver, but either way the message is about abundance. Either it’s coming en masse, or you need to get off the couch and make something happen for yourself soon so that abundance, of any kind, can flow to you. Consider your personal situation: if you feel you have put forth effort and energy that has the potential to energetically exchange as abundance through cash, through love, through opportunity, then 8’s are letting you know it’s on its way. However, if you have a good sense there’s more you could be proactive about in your life, then 8 comes as a reminder, if not a warning, for you to continue working on fulfilling your potential in any area of life where this message resonates most.

Seeing 9’s means a cycle is about to come full circle for you. An impactful phase is closing and you are essentially “leveling up” in life. Repeated 9’s also apply specifically to lightworkers playing a role in healing our world. 9’s carry the message that it’s time to get to work, get in tune with your soul purpose, and embody the light you have found within yourself. Find more ways to bring this light to others.

With 0 comes the reminder that we are one with the Universe. We are each unique expressions of Source consciousness, somewhat veiled as individuals—sure. But we are all of the same stuff. Relinquishing the illusion of our separateness is just one stop along the spiritualist’s transformative journey, and 0’s—in the shape of an infinite cycle—express this. Seeing repeated 0’s is a great time to acknowledge (or if you’re particularly reverent, to honor) the presence of the Universe’s love within you. And every single one of us overflows with it, so give thanks, and keep your eyes open to the Divine messages coming your way.

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26 thoughts on “Synchronicity Through Numbers: Signals from Source

  1. Tammy Mcgee

    I live at 1111. And lately I see 1111 everywhere. I feel like it’s pointing me in a certain direction.

  2. Kristi Brown

    The number then I have been seeing for the past seven years is to do too. I’m talking everywhere almost every other day all the time. I just saw a cardinal in my backyard and realize that there was a nest in the bush by my back door. I looked up the page on what it meant to see red cardinal and it told me all of the good things about it and exactly at 2:22 PM which was three minutes ago, I came to this link that said something about sL synchronicity and numbers. I clicked on it and here I am. The name Christie, which is my name, means female for Christ. I believe that I am close with the spirit world and because I’m a Pisces I possess all the characteristics of every sign. I’m very deep person and would love more info on this matter.

  3. Ernesto Alonso

    For almost 8 years now I’ve been witnessing 111 222 333 444 555 “666 twice” 888 999 and more recently 911 187 and 47 all over the environment in which I’m in. ?

  4. Deborah Middleton

    My father who passed away, his birthday is 10/23 I happen to pick up my phone to seeb5he time and almost always it’s 10:23 or I’ve received text messages with that time also. I also see my birthday quite frequently on the clock 8/18.

  5. Ms. J

    Im always seeing 234 and 1234 on clocks, addresses on a city bus thats driving by i mean i am seeing these two sets of numbers EVERYWHERE seriously tho can someone please reply and let me know whats the meaning of this

  6. Felecia Bowens

    Ok my birthday is 11.11th sometime I feel like play 111 in lottery to see if am lucky wat u think I should do

  7. Christine Berry

    Their some truth to this , please give me some insight meaning I dreamed 100 & a good two $10 bills &1111 I seen this also put help ,,t”s trying to reveal what I been wishing my higher power to reveal ,or A certain person who is completely out of control, and they MUST b STOP ASAP they playing with peoples life’s & emotions they just pure SATAN,ENOUGH is ENOUGH they got to b STOP ,maybe I’m the one nip this n the bub YES so tell me what u think ,I been praying for this to b revile to me

  8. jthomas

    08/10/2016. *Reply: My experiences of Synchronicity! (I experienced seeing) $XX.81.on (3) ticket purchases…
    most recently! “I thought; Oh! this is STRANGE!” As: 8/8 Laterally.(as above;so below). jthomas,

  9. Paul Shishis

    I see so many numbers that keep jumping out

    7,9,11,13,17,20,21,33,57 77 111 222,333,444,555,666,777,911, 1111

    Now explain to me why I’ve been witnessing hundreds of UFO’s of many different types ?

    Not to mention the synchronicities even to these numbers in the headline news

    Good will hunting !

  10. Lisa alvarez

    I have been seeing 43 everywhere every time I look at the clock it’s whatever and :43 or a call comes in at :43 or I will have 43% left on my phone or at the store I must pay 1143 or something like that what
    dose that mean?

    1. Lisa alvarez

      And see the other persons message if u turn the numbers around 234 u would have 243 close

  11. Clay

    Today driving home 6 number 3 showed up all at once.
    Then half hour later 3 number 3 showed up.
    Something is going on Because I see double and triple numbers all the time

    1. Paul Michael

      Part of pyramid building ?
      1111 x 1111 1234321 [234 ]
      How about in number sequence in reverse — 432 –
      Look up 432 Hertz

      You could be attunement *

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