The Meaning of a Butterfly Sighting

Meaning of a Butterfly Sighting | California Psychics

Wings that Carry Whispers from Spirit

Hummingbirds, butterflies, and even ladybugs have long been recognized by many as messengers from Spirit. Like the male red cardinal’s bright red plumage, the butterfly comes in an array of hard-to-miss colors. That will make you sit up and take notice! Often, to get your attention, they will persistently fly around you or within your view. They want you to see them because they are most likely a visitor sent by someone on the other side.

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Communication Between the Realms

If you believe that butterflies are messengers from Spirit, then you are likely seeing them at a time when you were speaking to or simply thinking of your loved one on the other side. In this instance, the meaning of a butterfly sighting could be that your deceased loved one has something to tell you. Perhaps they sense you need their guidance too. We often look to the spirit realm for guidance because people who have crossed over possess the kind of wisdom and knowing that people of the earthly realm don’t have.

Since butterflies don’t speak a human language, how is it that they can communicate with us? A butterfly sighting serves as a visual message to let you know that your loved ones are present. It’s not an actual spirit who temporarily hijacks a butterfly’s body.

Manifesting a Butterfly

So why does a spirit send a butterfly? It’s because it takes a lot of energy for a spirit to manifest. And, even if they did, it wouldn’t last very long. Besides, how would you react if a spirit manifested right in front of you? For many, that’s a scary sight! If given the option, they would prefer a visit from a butterfly instead. Wouldn’t you?

Bright Colors

Spirits pick brightly colored things of beauty because they know they’ll be hard to miss. Could you ignore an orange butterfly fluttering around your head or landing on something right before your eyes? These types of messengers seem to get our immediate attention; however, the communication part comes directly from Spirit. It’s a psychic connection of sorts that brings you peace and contentment.

The Symbolism of the Butterfly

Butterfly sightings symbolize transformation and resurrection. According to, “… pictures of butterflies can be found throughout almost every hospice. This symbol is also used extensively by many grief counselors, spiritual centers, and support groups for the bereaved.” Even people who have never mentioned their own butterfly sighting in life will send these winged messengers to say that they have reached the other side. What better messenger than the butterfly to let loved ones know that they have transitioned from an earthly being to a spiritual being and that they are well.

Traditionally, in Japan, a white butterfly is seen as the soul of someone who is no longer living in the earthly realm. Similar beliefs exist across many cultures around the globe.

Butterflies as Spirit Guides

Many of us feel the connection between the human and animal kingdoms, viewing animals as guides who enlighten us and who provide us with courage, sensitivity, empathy, and the many other attributes we need to summon at one time or another. Whether or not you feel that the butterfly is your personal spirit animal, you can still summon its strength when you’re going through something that requires change or when things around you are changing and transforming.

Change occurs often, whether or not we initiate it—a move, a change in jobs, and even the loss of a loved one. A butterfly sighting can help you feel comforted and help you accept that maybe change isn’t always a bad thing, even when we don’t want or feel we need it. After all, change may not be easy, but it is inevitable. A butterfly sighting reminds us that we aren’t going through a change alone.

Seeking Guidance

If you find yourself feeling lost, seeking guidance, or just looking for inspiration, you can call upon your angels and guides or simply ask a loved one for a sign. You may or may not see evidence of them hearing you right away (it’s not like Chinese take-out), but you will receive a response. And, when you do get your answer you’ll know it! In an instant, a butterfly sighting will confirm your connection. A visit from Spirit in any form can provide you with inspiration and excitement, and more importantly, leave you feeling content, connected, and loved.

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13 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Butterfly Sighting

  1. Bess

    Been seeing butterflies everyday for the past few weeks. green yellow white brown and always land in front of me. Don’t know what message it brings but surely it makes me smile and brightens my day. However, am curious why these 4 colored butterflies seems to approach me and would make sure that I notice them because it would really land in front of me not just flying around but would always makes sure I get a perfect view of them. No clues what it means but just happy to have them

  2. shuntae

    hello I have been seeing butterflies lately..first in meditation a cluster of yellow butterflies flying around ..second a orange and black butterfly landed on my car and wouldn’t move..last night I had a dream about a thousand blue butterflies flying around each other …. is something about to happen?

  3. Mary

    I have been praying about a relationship issue. Looking for a sign
    Today there is a black butterfly fly around in my house
    Should I talk it as s sign

  4. Antoinette

    Hi over the last few days I have butterflies all around me if I’m walking a white 1 following me a few times even got on the bus was flying around me they have been in my home 7 times u set it free but still came back in same one black and orange now tonight there is an all black one in my son’s room can you relate to any meaningful gestusture please x
    Love and light

  5. Victor

    MANY times i find now ive been saven them were ever i go .i look on parking lots stores.even in the middle of. The. Road crossing to the hospital.i belive its my the garden come summer this monark butterfly comes to me landed on my hands.on my car will sit and watch me in the flower beds.funny thing is. It wouldnt let me or my friend take a picture of it .so we gave up i sat talking to it as if it was my mother .i told it i had to go cook dinner it followed me to the enterance and then left after i said good by and see you anouther day. Think im nuts but yep very next day it sat on the plant and watched me for the longest time.i could go on and on but leave it there.oh and counted my dimes and there is 35.$ last i counted

  6. Victoria

    My dad passed away a little over a year ago. We had father/daughter days on Saturday while my mom went shopping and ran errands through his last few months with us here on earth. My dad was an avid lover of Morning Doves and on one of our Saturdays monthly, we had to go (or I had to go) to the feed mill to get cracked corn for them and throw it on the ground for the doves. I do this in my own yard and the Doves come…2…4 sometimes 6. While walking the dog early morning, the Doves are on the wires up above watching me as I walk and I know it’s my dad protecting me…your thoughts?

  7. Mariposa

    The butterfly is also a universal image of Reiki energy, and can symbolize transformation, creation and change. The imagery of a butterfly is so powerful – it starts its life out as a lowly caterpillar, often unseen and viewed by many as a pest. Once it has had enough of that life, it cocoons itself from the world for a short rest, to emerge as something completely different and beautiful.

  8. Lori Mrasek

    Last year my bf passed away, needless to say I was devastated, the next day I’m taking my puppy for a walk, and on the sidewalk I spot 3 quarters, I’m like hmmm, I said to myself Lynne if your around I need something more than 3 quarters. 10 minutes later I enter the park and a man is walking his dog, he approaches me and my pup he said excuse me Miss do you know you have a butterfly on your head. I was like YESSSS, thanks Lynne, you put the biggest smile on my face. It’s been a long road to healing shortly there after my cousin, then my Auntie and then my baby brother all passed. I’m hoping I see lots of butterflies this summer :) Maybe the 3 quarters was also a sign?

    1. LJ

      Hi Lori: Absolutely, coins are often left by spirit; I’ve had it happen many times such as when I vacuum the floor and turn around only to find a dime lying just where I’ve vacuumed. I laughed when you said you had a butterfly on your head. It seems your friend had quite a sense of humor. I’m sorry for all of your losses, but I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty of other butterflies or other signs in the future. Enjoy the connection.

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