What Does 11:11 Mean and How Could it Affect Your Life?

What Does 11:11 Mean and How Could it Affect Your Life? | California Psychics

The Symbol of 11:11

Do you frequently notice 11:11 on your clock? If so, rejoice, for your angels are contacting you! 11:11 is considered to be an angelic message, inviting you to confer with them about whatever is concerning you in that very moment. It’s also confirmation and validation of the feeling that you are interacting with the Divine in your life.

11 in Numerology and Master Numbers

Did you know that the number 11 is a master number in Numerology? Master numbers are thought to be attuned to higher spiritual realms, and they usher in a sense of what is both powerful and magical. The master number 11 is connected to sacred teachers such as Christ, the Buddha, and St. Germain, among many others. 1111 is the master number 11 doubled, making it a very powerful force of love indeed. November 11 is also known as 11/11, making it one of the most blessed, lucky, and magical days of the year. So, what does 11:11 mean and how could it affect your life?

The master number 11 represents truth, purity, psychic ability, intuition, insight, inspiration, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, lovingkindness, healing, hopefulness, uniting together, and all the magic of the Universe. It is all about spiritual ascension, soul growth, and rising up to a higher level of spiritual and psychic gifts, as well as helping to uplift the spirit of the Earth through lovingkindness. Each time you see 11:11, go within and ask your angels for insight about why you are seeing it, and you will receive Divine insight and wisdom.

Be sure to check in with any of our wonderful California Psychic Numerologists who can see if you have 11 in your life path by using your birth numbers, for it is a number of magnificent manifestation energy. Even if 11 may not appear to be prominent in your life path, you can trust its loving energies will come to you every time you call for Divine help.

1111 Angel Numbers

When 11:11 jumps out at you often on your clock, it’s time to make a wish, as in setting an intention that you want to see manifest in the world. It is a call to listen to the guidance of the Universe, and it is not a coincidence; it’s a sign from your guardian angels asking you to pay close attention to what they want to tell you.

Pay extra attention to your dreams for guidance, for your angels want you to be guided into all of your good and want you to let their love into your heart and know with perfect serenity that you are loved by them.

Seeing these numbers shows that powerful synchronicity is at work in your life. 1111 quadruples the power of the number 1 in numerology, which is all about truth, purity, strength, and excellence in leadership. It is also about new beginnings, success, creativity, and inspiration. When 1111 shows up prominently and consistently, it means something big is about to happen, usually of a spiritually transformational nature in your life, and in the world. It means your angels are near and are helping you by sustaining and supporting you. It is a call to embrace life and open your eyes to spiritual signs all around you.

11/11 and Veterans Day

The Universe certainly played a part in making sure Veteran’s Day is celebrated on November 11, for it is on this day that we honor those in the military who have served our country in war or peace, be they dead or alive. And although this day is mostly focused on giving thanks to those living veterans who have sacrificed for us, it is a day filled with the master number 11 energies of gratitude, love, and respect.

The Twin Flame Connection

If you wish to find your beloved twin soul mate, your spiritual twin, your Twin Flame, this is the perfect day to call them to you with the help of Spirit. A Twin Flame or Twin Soul Mate is different from all the other soul mates we meet in our lives. “Regular” soul mates are here to teach, enlighten, and stretch your soul, whereas a Twin Flame soul mate is your equal love counterpart in this life, and may be so in many lifetimes.

Twin Flames are symbolized by 11:11, 11/11, or 1111, and according to Dr. Amanda Noelle, these numbers represent two lovers coming together in the soul energy of Twin Flame love. Set your intention on November 11 (11/11) to either find your twin soul mate, or if you have already been lucky enough to be united with your Twin Flame, then use this beautiful energy as a reminder to reconnect much more deeply with them.

The Universe is Calling to You

11:11 is a true spiritual blessing freely given from the Universe to fill you with incredible love, hope, healing, and all that is wondrous and awe-inspiring. It is another way to help you create greater good in your life using positive thoughts. Call on it often, and you can trust the Universe to bless you all your life, always, and in all ways.

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