The Meaning of a Crow Sighting

Meaning of a Crow Sighting | California Psychics

The Bird of Ancient Wisdom and Second Sight

If you have ever met a crow who insists on getting your attention, you’ve probably wondered why. Large, black, and with a unique gift for communication, these birds don’t attempt to interact with just anyone. Crow symbolism across cultural myths, as well as what we know from modern zoological studies, shows that crows are intelligent, insightful creatures that have much to teach us.

Crows are Remarkable Birds

Crows are highly adaptable creatures who can walk, swim, and fly. Therefore, they have full access to the world and its many dimensions. That is why a crow sighting has a connection to eternal life and the spirit world. 

Crows have also long been a symbol of ancient prophecy, second sight or clairvoyance, and a messenger from the spirit world. Because crows teach their young all they know, each crow that you see is a bird with the wisdom of the ancients.

If you have a crow sighting, it’s likely you’ll also hear his call. The crow’s call is just part of a very intricate language system, and if he recognizes you, he may have given you your own special call—kind of like a name. He’s adaptable, intelligent, and he can even turn sticks into tools in order to get what he wants. 

TED Talk: Crows

These winged wonders got their own presentation when Joshua Klein gave a TED Talk on the intelligence of crows. How many animals get to be the subject of a TED Talk? It’s no wonder that one of the crow’s spiritual messages to us is to never underestimate the power of others as well as our own power.

What do Crows and Ravens Symbolize?

Crows and ravens have a somewhat bad rap in our history, often used to represent evil, and things of a dark nature. But the lesson in that is to not judge a book by its cover. The crow teaches us to be mindful of judging others (and crows) and to stand out in thought and action—even if it goes against popular opinion.

Both mysterious and misunderstood, the crow is often associated with death and darkness, yet some cultures have revered him as the creator of the world. Much like the coyote, the crow has the reputation of being a trickster and a shapeshifter because he fools us into thinking he is a mere scavenger when he is actually quite intelligent. 

Science has even proven that the crow’s brain/body size is proportionate to that of a chimpanzee, and in some studies, he has exhibited nearly human-like thinking and tenacity in solving problems. Tests have also proven that the crow recognizes faces, and he has a long memory for them.

Much like human beings, the crow shows a sense of community and he is a skillful watchman. He observes quietly and warns other animals of impending dangers, such as hunters in the area.

In many traditions, crows are also said to be timeless birds who can know and experience the past, present, and future. As a result, crow symbolism often points to clairvoyance and psychic ability.

Crows also have good memories: they can remember faces and will recall whether an encounter with a human or other animal was a positive or negative one. Many people report developing strong relationships with neighborhood crows.

Gratitude is also expressed by crows. There are many reports of crows bringing gifts, such as jewelry that the crow finds on the ground, to people who have been kind to them. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Crows?

A crow encounter is something special and should be considered deeply. Given what we already know about crows, there are several ways to interpret your encounters with them.

Because of the crow’s ability to fly and move into many realms, it may be asking you to see beyond the limitations of physical sigh; he’s asking you to tap into your intuitive second sight and the wisdom of the Universe.

A crow’s memory is a most remarkable thing. Your crow encounter may be asking you to deeply consider something from your past. It may be that you are asked to recall a life lesson, or there may be someone with whom you need to reconnect.

Finally, the gratitude expressed by crows should not be overlooked. Have you been practicing gratitude in your life? Showing your appreciation for others and giving back is often critical for forming good relationships and connecting with your community.

The Crow as Your Totem or Power Animal

As a totem of the Great Spirit, the crow represents creation and spiritual strength. He gets the utmost respect. To have a crow as a power animal is powerful. The crow represents wisdom, and if you have a crow sighting, you are connecting with his spirit. Together, you can travel beyond the limitations of one-dimensional thinking and laws. 

If you identify with the crow you can identify with many dimensions of reality and trust in your intuition. You may even have the gift of “second sight” or clairvoyance. As an air totem symbol, the crow is a direct connection between the conscious and subconscious minds.

What do Crows Symbolize in Native Cultures?

Many Native American cultures consider crows to be the keepers of the spiritual law because nothing escapes their keen sight. They hold the knowledge of all things, including ancient magic.

The crow and the raven (his cousin) are sometimes interchangeable in some Native American cultures, but others treat them separately. In most legends, however, both are symbols of wisdom and intelligence. They can also be symbols of change, as many totems are.

The Crow tribe, whose name in their own language means, “children of the big beaked bird,” adopted their name through their friendly interaction with white settlers and their rough translation of their native name. Lewis and Clark were welcomed by the Crows. Some tribes believe that the crow has the power to talk and they consider them to be one of the wisest birds.

In the Hopi nation, there are Kachinas that represent anything in the natural world or cosmos. One of their Kachinas is the “Crow Mother,” who looks after the welfare of children and to some, she’s the mother of all the Kachinas. There are more than 400 different Kachinas in Hopi and Pueblo culture.

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44 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Crow Sighting

  1. Mary

    I would like to know what the real meaning of seeing a crow in my tree and was making crow sounds,and stayed there watching me for about an HR . Does it mean something bad? Or is it trying to tell me something. Plus a white owl was in the same tree just looking at me as well. Like they were trying to tell me something.

  2. Chelsea

    I recently was told from my sister after she had a meeting with a medium that my name was associated with a black crow. She also said that two other things pertaining to my health is we’re mentioned…. Any ideas what this could symbolize? Does it mean death in that regard bc that’s def how I’m taking it.

    1. Jaime

      I was sitting in my car parked outside my house today. I heard a loud bang. I thought someone has crashed into me. However no card was near. When I got out my car to check, a crow had fell from the sky and hit thr roof of my car ! Then fell onto the floor. I was still alive but not moving. I am scared of birds. I assumed it may have happened due to crow being dehydrated. I got some water and have some water which he seemed to take. I then placed a plastic laundry basket with holes on it over him to keep him shaded and cool. Also to prevent any wildlife getting him. Mean time I was trying to contact a rescue and get some help for him. By the the the rescue called back the crow had died. It’s still currently on the floor behind my car. He hit the roof/top of car. He also had one eye which was red and other appeared cloudy. Please help me with what you think this may mean. Tia

  3. Deanna

    I thought it was kind of odd for me to see a crow in my front yard which I have never seen one since I been living here. I had just pulled up in my drive way and notice that two black crows was in my yard walking around and stay there for a little then went in the field across the road from my house and just sat there for a few and then few over my house… not sure where they went then. I’m not sure what it means.

  4. Phynn

    My grandfather had a crow sit outside and watch him for weeks. It bothered him, and he fell ill and passed away. I was living over 3000 miles away when a crow came and sat in the tree looking in my bedroom window cauwing until I came to the window. It flew away and sounded as if it were laughing. This happened the day after my Grandfather passed, I knew this bird had to be a messenger. Last weekend, I walked on the property we inherited and asked for his help as the same tresspassers were now polluting the place..When I returned home, I heard the crow cauwing at that bunch and laughed, it was as if that bird was deliberately annoying them.

  5. Lillian Stanley

    Hi. I want to know more about crows. They seem very interesting. I accidentally ran over one but it was flying mid air and going like slow motion. I felt very bad when it happened.

  6. Juan Martinez

    Had a interaction with a crow while I was waiting at a stop sign for a friend therefore this crow caws at me and tries to dive at me trying to attack me several times I’m wondering what kind of sign this is wether good or bad or it’s intentions.

  7. Theresa

    I live in a house across the street from my neighbor, once I get home from work I sit in the yard to enjoy the sun, there’s a large tree in the back of their home that the crows sit in after a while they start to fly out of the tree towards my building making crowing sounds can you tell me what happening please.

  8. Shane holcomb

    What meaning would a single crow appearing in my front yard mean after the passing of my brother just an hour and a half or so he was walking around in my front yard then I went outside and he flew across the road landed in a tree and clawed a few times then flew away my dogs also went outside with me but it didn’t seem that they bothers it any

    1. Deenna

      what does it mean when a two big black crows glide into your yard and one lands on the table outside your French doors then flys away? The second big black crow perches on the edge of the roof next to you, you open the window and it looks down at you and says something. Then you see it fly to your table as well. Then you see both of them gliding above the trees behind you. So, does that mean anything?

  9. Diamond

    I seen a crow today standing on top of my building crowing. This is my first time actually see a crow and really paying attention too it. I’m also 4 months pregnant I had 2 death in my family in the pass two months. What does this crow sighting mean?

    1. Yogi

      I’ve seen the same thing my wife is also 4 months pregnant . Did any meaning become of it ?

    1. Erasmo Daniel Morales

      Same hear but mine has been for 3years now I have yet to find anyone else with any knowledge of this

    2. Stef

      I’ve experienced the same thing, I’ve been followed by crows who talk to me very loudly for almost a year on a daily.

  10. Wanda

    My question is, I’ve seen a white crow. Not sure how to ask the question other then just ask if this is a good or bad sign?

  11. karen


    I was at home alone as husband was away and I had a nightmare , when I was

    very young I saw things in the dark , but not as I got older , when I woke I saw

    a crow or ravens head up in the door way in the dark , so frightened I turned

    Light on and sleep with TV and light on until he returned home .

    Does it have any meaning ?

  12. Guillermo Hysaw

    What does it mean, when Crows cover all the trees, your yard, your driveway and your roof top several times a month ? Fly around, leave and fly nearby on the very top of trees surrounding your home?

    1. Kimbles

      Started on the electricity pole staring straight at me then sat on my front yard fence cawing staring straight at me. I see crows all the time since my daughter was born but never ever at night this is the first time I’ve seen and heard a crow at night

  13. Julie

    Hi not so recently but maybe 3 years ago I attended a funeral of a dear friend of which we hadn’t spoken for a couple of years unsure if it was a raven or crow but quite large black bird court my attention and did so constantly as I was standing by the doors but outside he stayed the whole time like standing proudly I instantly thought of my friend when I entered the church to pay respects to my friend upon going back outside the bird was gone it sat in the middle ofthe lawns of the crematorium Maybe 1 acre in size it was a beautiful day & he /she was the only bird just standing as if there for me I can elaberate on my friendship and offer a little more insight of the recent years to give a better picture but Queiry is do you think there’s anything in this?

  14. Justin Perkins

    I just had a crow fly down & hang out w/me while I enjoyed my morning cup of coffee on the front porch. He/She was literally 1ft away from me. I spoke to the bird as if it were a person. Exchanging common pleasantries. I could plainly see that the bird was analyzing my words. Then unfortunately the all black neighborhood cat named Bob snuck up and scared him away.

  15. karina

    I am seeing one crow 4 days in the row. 4th day today. I have awaken and on spiritual journey. I was worried the first time I saw one crow. This article helps me understand the meaning.

  16. LJ

    To All Readers: It is my honor and pleasure to write about spirit animals. I enjoy hearing all of your stories about how you connect to the animals and the spirits of wonder, joy and love for these animals. We are all “one.” We are all connected. Your stories are evidence of that, and that is a beautiful thing. Please continue to share.

    1. Idonthaveone

      I was doing errands with my sister and i was looking outside the window saw a crow sitting in a house hidden disregarded it but felt like i knew it, for some reason i felt like it was the feeling i get of always beimg watched but didnt think much of it. Still driving i see another one in the same street same position just thinking about it i convinced myself i was overthinking i try to focus on something else my sister still driving i look up at the traffic light another crow. I find it weird for two reasons. 1. I look aroumd all of the time at everything in my surroundings but every time (3 times) i looked at the crow it was as if my mind just had a brainfart and i make eye contact with
      2. Ive recently been thinking about death like alot
      I think so much amd am terrified about my own and life, this is all so recent it feels more than just looking at a bird

      Who knows maybe im overthinking again
      *have a nice day

  17. ERICA

    This is TRULY AMAZING!!!!!

    SEEING CROWS……..My God am I !!!! My story is amazing and a bit hard to belive but about a year ago, these crows showed up in my yard. I took noitice to them quickly, as they are very noisy. It didnt matter where i was in the yard , THEY FOLLOWED!!!! Well it has now gotten to where they LITERALLY FOLLOW ME WHEN I LEAVE AND WILL BE ALONG MY ROUTE OF TRAVEL AND WHATEVER DESTINATION I ARRIVE AT!!!!
    Its always 3 of them together.

    1. Cynthia Pigg

      I have been seeing 3 of them also. Recently lost my husband and was wondering if he sent them.

    2. LJ

      In the least you can feel them as being part of your “soul family” watching over you. Say “hello!”

  18. Lisa Rodgers

    Debster, what a great story. Wish this world had more people like you and your neighbour 🙂 Eco points awarded.

  19. Chrissi

    we had a group on our allotment which we used to feed and they would actually call out when one or the other of us was on their way to our plot from elsewhere-and would help us by discouraging the pigeons rats and mice which would go after our crops when we left it I swear we had more close to our house- they always greet us and come to the feeder for catfood or mealworms when we put it out – and hopefully scare off the pigeons who steal the smaller birds food too

    1. LJ

      In Greek mythology, all crows were originally white, that is until one gave Apollo some bad news and in his anger he turned them all black. Not that it means bad news, but he could be a messenger of sorts. Remember that spirit comes to us in the form of colorful birds, bugs and unusual animals. Perhaps this spirit just wanted to be noticed. If you see him again, try talking to this intellectual creature, and ask him if he has a message for you – be still and listen. Enjoy the moment of connection.

  20. Debster

    Great and informative article, thank you!

    I lived in a remote area and one night coming home from work I saw something large and black flapping on the road in my driveway. It was an injured crow. I had a towel so I carefully scooped him up and took him home. He’d lost a leg (probably from a trap) and was in rough shape. My neighbor had some experience with crows, what to feed them etc, between the two of us we nursed him back to health. A couple of weeks later he was able to compensate for the missing leg and flew off on his own. Awesome guy, the whole time he was never afraid of me and I felt grateful for the opportunity to be around him.

    1. Gypsy Smithwitch

      Your spirit world takes notice of good deeds,and that crow now knows of your kindness an will tell it to that realm an much blessings will be.
      That was a wonderful thing you did.
      As the saying goes …
      Crows knows.

    2. LJ

      That is a beautiful story and a wonderful thing you did. He knew who to come to for help. He could have landed anywhere but he chose you (with your neighbor’s help) to be the one who nursed him back to health. Don’t think it has not been noticed – it is a form of prayer and connection and prayers are always heard and connections always honored. Lovely.

    3. Jaz

      Very very awesome! He knew you were there to help him, and I want to believe he knew spiritually that you would, which is why he came to your home in particular. Thanks for sharing and many thanks for helping him

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