The Meaning of a Spider Sighting

Meaning of a Spider Sighting | California Psychics

Regeneration and Patience

When you think of a spider, do you think of darkness, unpredictability, entrapment, fangs, and venom? Or do you think of creativity, balance, regeneration, patience, and courage? The relationship you share with this creature of both light and dark, may determine how its presence plays out in your life.


If you combine the many different cultural beliefs of the spider, there is a suggested connection to its web and the creation of the world. Native Americans see the spider as perched in the center of its web with everything emanating from its centric position. This position also enables the spider to draw things back into itself, thereby becoming both the creator and the destroyer. When you see a spider’s web it is a reminder that you are always weaving the outcome of your own future. It is reminding you to balance each strand that will soon become your past, because a web (future) is only as strong (balanced) as the previous weaves before it.


There is a creative energy inside of you, whether it’s expressed in the creative arts, or in other ways, it exists. A spider sighting, particularly in a dream, may be a hint to engage those creative juices to weave something new and beautiful into your life. This could refer to your career, your relationships, or in your home life. Spiders are also quick to recognize when it is time to move locations because their web keeps getting knocked down by a gate or the wind. And if your own creative ideas are in a state of constant tear down, it may be time to move to the other side of the garden the next time you rebuild.


A spider’s web is an intricate piece of construction, patiently built by the spider. When you see a spider’s web, remember that you are in charge of your own life as a spider is the weaver of it’s web. It’s a reminder to be careful about the choices that you make. Spider webs also symbolize the ability to positively affect your life through your thoughts and actions.


It may take many nights before a spider will receive any benefit from building a web. If you have put a lot into a project, task, relationship, or a dream, a spider may be reminding you to look back over what you’ve built and see if there are some threads you’ve yet to connect. It could also be a reminder to pay closer attention to opportunities you are missing.


The spider has anywhere from two to eight eyes at its disposal, each offering a slightly different viewpoint on the world. A sighting could be a reminder to look at a particularly troublesome situation from a variety of vantage points, including the ones from the people around you.


Consider if the fear of where a decision could take you may be the true source of any darkness you’re experiencing. If this is the case, keep in mind that young spiders cast a strand of silk for the wind to carry them to new areas – sometimes they fly only a few feet, other times they can cross entire oceans. The only way to control the distance is to never throw out the entire strand, but that is no different than choosing to remain within the shadow of your true potential.

Infinite Possibilities

Spiders have both eight legs and eight eyes, and the number eight is associated with the concept of infinity. Now, picture yourself in the center of a spider’s web, with each strand as a path that you can take in your life. You are standing in the center of infinite possibilities, which can be both frightening and exhilarating. Place your faith (not your fear) within the spider to give you the courage to face the changes that must come as you begin your next journey down one of these paths, for a spider sighting is also a symbol of luck and a sign for change. So, when you see a spider, know that a change, or a time when you’ll have to make a decision is coming.

The Spider in a Dream

A spider in a dream can mean several different things, and it’s very important to analyze how you are feeling when dealing with the spider at the time. If you are frightened it could mean that you fear you’re not living up to your highest potential. If you want to kill the spider in you dream, it means that you need to release some tension in your life.

Not all spider dreams are negative though. If you dream of a spider building a web, it means that you are likely to build something in your life that will lead to your happiness. Spiders are also considered lucky, so if you don’t experience any feelings of fear or anxiety during the dream, it could be a good omen.

Don’t Panic!

It’s not uncommon to be frightened when a spider appears, but don’t immediately swat it away. Take a moment to contemplate what the spider may be trying to tell you about your day or a situation you’re grappling with. They may have fresh insight for you.

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