Holiday Stressors by Zodiac Sign

Holiday Stressors by Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

Don’t Stress Zodiac!

Holidays usually fill us with the joyful anticipation of getting a few days off work, seeing friends and family from out-of-town, sharing delicious meals, both giving and receiving gifts, and/or having chances to travel for pleasure.

At the same time, these joys tend to come with a whole mess of stress. Feeling frazzled when you’re supposed to be having fun isn’t good. Here are some ideas to help you turn chaos into calm and avoid holiday stressors by zodiac sign. Be sure to read your sun, moon, and rising signs for a more complete picture.


O Fiery Ram, slow things stress you out, especially during the holidays when there’s a lot of slow traffic, slower crowds, and even slower mail. It can be hard for you to even think about bringing your dead gallop down to a slow trot, but the holidays are an ideal time for you to stop putting your pedal to the metal. Unless you’re doing something just for fun. Then have at it!


The symbol of the Bull was well chosen for you, as you love feeling peaceful and serene. But holiday frenzy can damage your calm, and when you get stressed, you tend to go a bit critical and lash out with your horns. This is the perfect time to take a walk, a swim, or a nap. Eat something, like some yummy vanilla ice cream. It’s holiday time, so let yourself be as lazy as you please.


During holiday time, the Twins feel lucky that there’s two of them inside one body, because they tend to be on the VIP list for every party in town, and each Gemini needs their double strength to get through the wildness of it all. It may prove challenging to calm your racing mind now, but with your quick-witted brilliance you’ll find ways to magically disappear into a good book to rest your ever-revving engines.


With all the stress of holiday cooking, gifting, and celebrating you’re doing, be sure to make time to nurture yourself as well as you care for everyone else, dear Crab. Purposefully work time into your busy schedule to meditate. Go spend a little while in the garden with the beautiful plants and flowers you’re growing. Hand your worries over to your angels so you can get some good sleep.


You Big Cats love to go all out and throw purrfect parties with pizzazz, give generous gifts, and have the best decorations on the block. This is great, as long as you remember to release yourself from having to shine every moment of every day. Holidays are the best time to let your Lion’s mane down, pamper your glamorous self, and take your catnaps when needed.


Let the details take care of themselves now, dear Virgin. If you’re tempted to over-analyze or begin to feel high anxiety about holiday stuff, ask yourself if it’s really that important. It probably isn’t. You like everything done to perfection, but sometimes good enough really is just fine. Remember that you can always delegate, especially when it comes to doing the dishes.


Make up your mind to take care of you and enjoy sweet peace, child of Venus. Keep your scales in balance when so many others are losing their minds during the holidays, and you’ll experience more delight. Remember to walk the path of peace and refuse to let anyone try to draw you into an argument. Focus on the beauty around you and you will find serenity.


Scorpions can get good and mad during holiday bedlam, because of the intense level of stress this chaos can create. It can help if you avoid over-committing to others, and instead commit to your own peace of mind. You can out-perfection a Virgo when it comes to choosing just the right gift, just don’t let the stress of it get on your last nerve. Trust your intuition and you’ll find exactly what you want. After all, you always do.


Enjoy all the holiday parties, and even let yourself go a little wild with the laughter and fun, but the tumult of all that gathering can be stressful, so make sure you slip away and spend some time out in the open. Mother Nature is where you’ll find your deepest release from stress, Archer. Whether you gallop to the forest, the beach, the desert, or the mountains doesn’t matter, as long as you let yourself once again fully rejoice in the beauty surrounding you.


Holidays can bring money stress for the Goat. But planning ahead will ease your worries so you can go spend some of your hard-earned cash on your loved ones, including yourself. The mountain of success you are currently climbing will be there when you get back from celebrating. You work so hard and so long that sometimes relationships can get unintentionally back-burnered, so use holiday time to get more in touch with those you care about.


Water Bearers are often accused of being cold and aloof, and that may sometimes be true, but only when they’re really unhappy with the people around them. People who act like gremlins, especially during the holidays, create a lot of stress for you. At heart, you are warm, loving, and kind, and those who treat you in caring ways help you relax and feel at ease. Stick with those who mirror your sweet and friendly nature, and you’ll feel much better.


The Fish love the magic and wonder of the holidays. They delight in seeing loved ones, giving and getting gifts, and dining on scrumptious food. It’s when they overdo all this celebrating and giving way too much of themselves that they begin to stress, and this can make the gentle child of Neptune feel like a martyr. Now is the perfect time to dive into your sweet escape, be it curling up for a snooze, watching a favorite movie, or cuddling with your loving pets.

A Holiday Blessing

We here at California Psychics wish you and yours the happiest of holidays, whatever you choose to celebrate, and hope for your every blessing of good health, sweet love, and all that brings you joy.

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