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Virgo Yearly Horoscope: 2022

The Year Ahead
Saturn, the great teacher, continues his journey through Aquarius, insisting that you pay close and practical attention to your health, habits, well-being, and work. It’s easy to take this area of life for granted, but Saturn simply will not stand for that because it’s too important to your overall quality of life. Take the time to assess what is working well in your life, in your lifestyle, and what isn’t. Saturn provides the structure and discipline you need to make the choices and create the lifestyle that supports your highest good. Whether your diet needs an upgrade, your workaholism is out of control, or your struggle to exercise and take care of yourself is a problem, this is the year to address it and put everything in order. Saturn is retrograde from June 14 through October 22, so expect this area of life to slow to a crawl, giving you the opportunity to review previous choices and decisions and make new ones if necessary.

Jupiter, the great benefic, moves into Pisces and brings his boundless blessings and optimism to your seventh house of partnership and commitment. This is a wonderful period where you can make real headway in your relationship, or if single, meet someone who is quality partner material. The conjunction between Neptune and Jupiter may require removing your rose-colored glasses though. It’s easy to overlook an important factor because you’re so optimistic you just don’t see it. Jupiter moves into your eighth house of intimacy and deep connection when he enters Aries on May 10, remaining there until October 27, after which he returns to Pisces again. This gives you a taste of what’s to come; the deepening of your relationship and your intuition when 2023 rolls into town.

This year, the ideal times for meeting someone new, or for refreshing and deepening your relationship with your partner are:

Jan 1 – Mar 5
Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and romance spends an incredibly long period of time joining Pluto in Capricorn in your fifth house of love, romance, and passion, including a retrograde period lasting a month and a half! This transit actually began back in November 2021, so no stone will be left unturned by the time it’s complete. This may be an intensely emotional period, but a transformative one. Once you’re on the other side of this transit, your relationship paradigms will have undergone a tremendous shift and a powerful transformation.
Apr 5 – May 1
Venus moves into romantic Pisces, joining Jupiter and Neptune in your seventh house of partnership. Love is definitely in the air, and you are likely in great demand as a partner. If you’re in a committed relationship you can expect your love to grow deeper. If you’re single, it may be hard to pick and choose among potential candidates vying for your hand.
Jul 17 – Aug 10
Friendship, collaboration, socializing, and humanitarianism are all front and center as Venus enters Cancer and activates your eleventh house. You have a strong nurturing, even motherly energy, regardless of gender, when it comes to caring for your friends and for the larger world as well. That level and quality of kindness will attract suitors, just be sure they aren’t looking for a nurse, a purse, or a caretaker.
Sept 5 – Sept 28
There is something incredibly beautiful and attractive about Venus in Virgo and in your first house of self, she becomes nearly irresistible. Of course, she is extremely kindhearted and may have trouble saying no when she needs to. Practice that, because you’re going to need to know how to use that skill when this transit rolls around!

Your employment has the guiding and grounding hand of Saturn on the steering wheel as you navigate work and your relationships with co-workers, clients, and employers. Your sense of responsibility deepens, and you enjoy the stabilizing influence of this transit. When Venus moves into Gemini and your tenth house of career, success, and recognition on June 22, you may receive a job offer you simply cannot refuse. Mercury and Venus activate your second house of money in October. Your finances may receive a boost at that time. At the very least, your attention will be drawn to prosperity consciousness and the life choices that reflect that.

Personal Growth/Spirituality
It’s easy for you to become so consumed by work and personal projects that you neglect your home and family, which are like the roots of a plant. If the roots are fed, watered, and given plenty of space to grow, the plant thrives. It’s the same for your life, so make time to care for your nest and the people, pets, and plants that live there with you. A happy home is a launching pad for a great life.

Making the Best of 2022
A Love Psychic can help you discern if someone’s intentions are good, or if they’re hiding their selfishness behind a pleasing mask. You need to know so you can make healthy plans for the future.
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