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What is Psychic Empathy?

Empathy in its most basic sense is the ability to feel and have compassion for what another person is feeling. This is, of course, easiest to do when we have already experienced the pain of a particular circumstance and then a friend or family member goes through something similar. Because we have experienced it firsthand, we can now understand on a deep level what the other person is feeling. Empaths ability to feel another person’s emotions is exponentially more profound and isn’t limited to personal experience. In fact, real Empath Psychics feel just about everything all the time.

Prior to proper training, much of life can become overwhelming to them. After honing their gift, however, the best Empath Psychics can tap into other people’s energy fields at will instead of being subjected at random to the energy emanating from those around them. Once tapped in, they are able to read the mental and emotional state of others with clarity and in many cases help to energetically transmute and heal the sufferer.

How can an Empath Psychic Reading help me with in my life?

Empath Psychics are innately highly intuitive, and can provide incredible insight and illuminate just about any confounding or painful situation in your life. They can reveal your true feelings about something specific you are struggling with, like a relationship or a professional conflict, and they can also remotely tap into the feelings and emotions of those involved in your situation.

What to expect during a Psychic Empath reading

Expect an Empath Psychic to immediately tune into your energy field the moment you connect on the call. In fact, many Empaths will already begin tuning into you before you’re even live on the line with them. They will help you clarify your emotions and sort through whatever intense feelings you are experiencing to uncover particularly stressful areas of your life or triggers in whatever situation in which you need guidance.

How to prepare for an Empath Psychic Reading

As with all psychic readings, the best way to prepare for your call, especially with

Empath Psychics is to take some time to center yourself through relaxation and controlled breathing. You want to compose your energy as much as possible so your gifted Empath Psychic can more easily tune into your frequency field and derive clear insight from Spirit. Have your questions prepared if possible so your energy is already focused on the area you wish to uncover.

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