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Dating a Libra Woman

Dating a Libra Woman | California Psychics

Libra Woman Traits

It’s hard not to be charmed by a Libra woman when you first meet her, for she has that effect on most people. She possesses an affectionate nature that can win over nearly anyone in record time, and a quick intelligence that allows her to read a room with ease. Ruled by the planet Venus, the Libra woman is equal parts ambitious independence and hopeless romantic. This might seem like an improbable balance, but the Libra woman is a master of just that (her symbol is a pair of scales after all) and pulls it off flawlessly. When she wants something, nothing is going to stand in her way. She’s always working towards that next promotion that means that she doesn’t have to rely on anyone else if she doesn’t want to; however, that doesn’t mean she’s uninterested in a relationship. In fact, relationships are extremely important to any Libra, and the Libra woman likes being in love, as long as it’s with the right person.

How to Attract a Libra Woman

The Libra woman is not immune to the more traditional trappings of romance. She’s careful about her appearance, is particular about her likes and dislikes, and she appreciates it when people notice. Complimenting her excellent taste in music or wine, or on how nice she looks is not a bad opening gambit, but you have to back it up with something more substantial if you want to keep her attention. The Libra woman is extremely enthusiastic about the arts in all forms, whether she is artistic or not and is drawn to other creatives. Feel free to show off your creative endeavors or share your opinions on the latest concert you saw but be sure to listen to what she has to say at least as much as you share your own feelings. She will notice if you hog the conversation and won’t be terribly impressed. Whatever you end up talking about though, do your best to prove to her that your interests are in alignment, because she’s looking for an ally.

How to Date a Libra Woman

It’s best to avoid places with noisy crowds when taking a Libra woman on a date. Libras have a touch of the introvert in them and will easily get claustrophobic in spaces filled with a lot of rowdy people. She’ll be much more comfortable wandering the quiet galleries of a museum or the walkways of a botanical garden. Of course, the theater will always be a hit with the Libra woman, followed by dinner at a nice restaurant. If the dinner comes with candles and champagne, you’ll get extra points in her book. Just remember, the fancier the location of the date, the better.

How to Communicate with a Libra Woman

The Libra woman needs to keep her mind active, so she’s always looking for new things to study and people to discuss them with. Don’t be afraid to dive into one of these discussions with her but be prepared for it to go from zero to sixty in record time. Because she’s an Air sign, and they tend to favor logic over emotion, and she’s a Libra, who aims for balance in all things, these discussions often turn into debates. She will likely end up playing devil’s advocate, not because she believes anything she is saying, but because she believes that every side should have a fair say in the matter. This is sometimes difficult for people who aren’t close to the Libra woman to accept, so remember, if this happens while you’re debating her, it’s probably hypothetical.

Turn Ons of a Libra Woman

The Libra woman works hard for everything she has, and she likes it when people notice it. Don’t hold back your praise around her, because frankly, she deserves to hear it and it will probably give her the boost she needs to finish her latest project. She also thrives on positivity. Libras try to maintain a logical stance on most things, which can be exhausting, so being surrounded by the optimism of other people is a genuine relief for her. What she loves more than anything though, is when someone engages her in deep discussions on her favorite topics. She thinks intellect is sexy, and when her expertise is recognized in turn, her heart will do flips. The Libra woman is used to the struggle of shattering glass ceilings, so it’s more than a little gratifying for someone to recognize everything that she’s done to do it.

Turn Offs of a Libra Woman

Air signs don’t get worked up about much, except matters of injustice, and the Libra woman is no exception to this rule. Remember, fairness is her ultimate goal, and there’s nothing fair about people going hungry or wage gaps. If you disagree with her on this, she will walk away from you without a second thought. She also won’t take kindly to being put on the spot in any situation. She’ll easily recover from it, as she’s a practiced debater and always quick witted, but there’s nothing she hates more than a spotlight. There is a difference between being noticed and being the center of attention, and the Libra woman has learned to walk that fine line. If you push her over it on purpose or by causing drama, she will no longer find your company enjoyable and go find someone else to enchant.

Libra Woman Compatibility

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