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Dating a Libra Man

Dating a Libra Man | California Psychics

Libra Man Traits

The Libra man has a lot in common with his ruling planet. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, he is rather a hopeless romantic, and he enjoys being surrounded by beautiful things. Far from making him vain however, this close association with his ruling planet generally makes the Libra man one of the most charming men you will ever meet. There aren’t many people that a Libra man can’t win over with a few well-chosen words, a genuinely sparkling personality, and his devastating wit. The Libra man has an intelligent mind that he likes to keep active, so he’s usually able to converse on any subject with ease and persuade most of his audience to agree with any stance he takes before much time passes. This is due, in part to the fact that the Libra man can easily construct balanced, well-organized arguments at a moment’s notice. He will never let an argument get in the way of an important relationship though; the Libra man is a lover, not a fighter, at the end of the day, and his relationships mean more to him than anything.

How to Attract a Libra Man

It will not be difficult to get a Libra man to notice you. He’s generally the type of man who wants to be liked by everyone, so if you’re in close proximity, you will end up conversing with each other. Keeping his attention is a bit more work, but hardly impossible. Libras adore the arts, even if they’re not artistic themselves, and are very drawn to creatives and others who share their enthusiasm for a night at the opera or an afternoon wandering art galleries. You’ll have his undivided attention when you start telling him about your latest creative endeavors or about a new museum exhibit that you are desperate to visit. And don’t be shy about showing off your knowledge with a Libra man, creative or otherwise. To a Libra man, intelligence is extremely sexy, and he will do a lot to keep your attention on him once you’ve shown off a little.

How to Date a Libra Man

When dating a Libra man, try to avoid places that tend to be overly crowded and noisy. Going to a club after dinner is a terrible idea when you’re on a date with any Libra as they’re somewhat claustrophobic. They can handle crowds under the right circumstances, just think more along the lines of the theater or a book festival than amusement park. You will also never go wrong with a nice dinner reservation at an upscale restaurant or one with cuisine he’s never tried before. He will appreciate both the sophistication and the novelty of the whole thing, while also recognizing how romantic a fancy dinner with his beloved is.

How to Communicate with a Libra Man

The Libra man is always looking for ways to keep his mind stimulated, and one of his favorites is debate. Don’t be afraid to go toe to toe with him on any subject because he’ll appreciate it for the act that it really is. Remember though, that balance means a great deal to Libras, (their symbol is a pair of scales after all) so don’t be surprised if he starts playing devil’s advocate in the middle of the argument, or any conversation, for the sake of fairness. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s voicing his own beliefs, it’s just that he believes that all sides should get a say, no matter what. This can be difficult for people who aren’t familiar with his personality to deal with, but as you get to know him, you’ll realize that this is just the Libra man sticking to his beliefs; that everyone should have a fair say.

Turn Ons of a Libra Man

The Libra man prefers it when things have an order to them, especially when it comes to his home. Everything in his living space, which will always be stylish and easy on the eyes, has a place and it needs to stay there, or be returned there in order to maintain his peace of mind. He’s extremely drawn to people who share this need for organization, because it means peace of mind is never difficult to obtain. He also goes weak in the knees when people are supportive of him, especially of his artistic endeavors. Remember, all Libras love the arts, and most of them have some sort of creative hobby, be it painting, music, sculpture, or theater. The people who encourage his artistic pursuits in spite of his skill level are the ones that the Libra man will happily give his heart to.

Turn Offs of a Libra Man

The Libra man does not like being held down, and he really doesn’t like labels. This is a trait shared by most Air signs; they rarely feel a need for a traditional relationship. They also soon begin to feel bogged down when a partner starts asking for one. The Libra man is no exception to this rule, but he also won’t dismiss it outright, as long as you give him time to think and don’t get possessive. He needs time to weigh all of the facts, and if he sees his partner getting jealous and possessive, then he knows that your relationship can never be balanced the way he wants it to be. No matter how much the Libra man loves being in love, a relationship that isn’t equal on both sides isn’t a relationship that he can sustain, because it wouldn’t be fair on either of you.

Libra Man Compatibility

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