Libra and Gemini Compatibility

Sign Compatibility: Libra and Gemini  

Libra and Gemini are among the few couples in astrology with a robust and natural affinity for one another. They see each other as a perfect match, and so does everyone else. Libra is indeed more commitment minded than Gemini, but this just may be the partner Gemini needs to stay perpetually interested. Both Libra and Gemini are social butterflies with an innate desire to get out and see the world through travel. Their biggest problem might come when these two indecisive creatures have to figure out where to go first, but once they arrive, the fun begins.

Romantically, Libra is the master of setting the mood – candles, music and romantic treats. Gemini adds their communicative language of love, whispering sweet nothings and naughty notions in Libra’s ear. There may be a few disagreements along the way, but these two can enjoy makeup sessions that last longer than the original argument. Libra and Gemini are located four signs apart on the zodiac wheel, an indication that this is one harmonious relationship that’s meant to last. However, it’s vital that they maintain their individuality, for themselves and the sake of the relationship.

Love by Element:  Air and Air

When two Air signs meet, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll be drawn to one another. As Air signs, Libra and Gemini are both social creatures who take the phrase, “the more, the merrier” to the next level. These two will likely never run out of things to chat about, covering every topic from A to Z and all the letters in between. Their social calendar is often full, and behind closed doors, Libra will set the mood for romance and show Gemini how to savor the moment.  In turn, Gemini can show the more-refined Libra how to lighten up and occasionally enjoy being a little less conventional.  This is a match made in heaven as long as they’re on the same page; and even when they’re not, they enjoy the debate and the spark it creates.

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