Libra and Cancer Compatibility

Sign Compatibility: Libra and Cancer  

When Libra and Cancer meet, it’s not an easy match. Cancer may be instantly attracted to Libra’s style and sophistication. Libra, however, may take their time warming to Cancer’s ways, if at all. Although both are cardinal signs (signs that start the seasons) Libra and Cancer dance to two different beats. For instance, Cancer is a homebody; Libra is not. Libra loves to get out, network and be social. Libra may become bored with Cancer’s excuses for staying in. One thing they have in common, is that both love having a warm home that’s inviting to others. Libra will ask all of their friends over – the more, the merrier. Cancer wants to share their home with family – some of whom are friends with family status. The beginning is the best time in this relationship. Whether or not they can work through their differences long-term, is a tale only time, and love, can tell. Libra and Cancer will have to compromise to make it work , but anything is possible.

Love by Element:  Air and Water

Sometimes love matches work better for one in the relationship, than the other. This could sadly be the case when airy Libra connects with watery, moody Cancer. As an Air sign, Libra is a social and communicative soul. Cancer, on the other hand, is a Water sign, sentimental and full of feelings. Since both are Cardinal signs, the beginning of this connection can be exciting as they are learning about one another. However, after time, Libra will have a hard time accepting Cancer’s moodiness. Libra can lose interest in trying to figure out their Cancer lover’s moods or the reasons behind them. This could be a good match, especially in the beginning. For lasting love, however, it will take some work along with a little self-awareness.

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