Libra and Aries Compatibility

Sign Compatibility: Libra and Aries  

Libra and Aries are astrological opposites, literally 180 degrees apart. Each represents the other’s seventh house; the house of relationships, commitments and balance. Libra is the sign of partnerships and Aries is the initiator. Being cardinal signs makes these two great at getting things started, including relationships. Part of Libra’s attraction to Aries is trying to figure out what makes them tick. Aries’ impulsiveness can both fascinate and scare Libra. Libra is more charming and socially refined. Plus they have tons of social contacts which is great for Aries’ desire to get ahead professionally.

Libra and Aries are a passionate pair, especially when they come together as a united front. At odds, however, they’ll have to work at meeting each other halfway. Romantically, there’s undeniable chemistry between these two. In bed, Libra will love Aries’ passion and intensity. If Aries gets bored their eyes can wander. Libra needs to keep things interesting and a bit unpredictable to keep Aries attention. That shouldn’t be a problem for Venus-ruled Libra.

Love by Element:  Air and Fire

When Libra and Aries make a love match, it’s a lovely blending of the elements of Air and Fire.  Warmth gives air mobility, and without it, air (the element of thinkers) might spend more time thinking than doing.  Fire, in turn, thrives on air to keep it burning.  The two elements of Air and Fire know how to turn up the heat and turn on the fun factor. They can also have some explosive disagreements that can quickly escalate into a raging inferno. That’s why they need to work at keeping love alive through mutual support and constantly doing the things they both find uplifting. Libra and Aries can run hot and cold, but they’ll always be drawn to one another.

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