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Dating a Leo Man

Zodiac Compatibility: Dating a Leo Man | California Psychics

Leo Man Traits

There are few members of the zodiac that shine brighter than the Leo man, which makes sense, since he is ruled by the sun. When you first meet a Leo man, if a crowd is not naturally gathering around him, then he’s having an off day. He loves to be in the spotlight, but only because he’s a passionate soul who loves to share his interests with others and is confident that they’ll find it all just as fascinating. This confidence can make him seem a bit headstrong, and he would certainly prefer to do anything and everything his own way before following someone else’s advice, but he doesn’t mean any real harm. He just knows what he wants, and he’s not afraid of the hard work that it might take to get it. And if what he wants is to live a luxurious life, well, who doesn’t?

How to Attract a Leo Man

To see a Leo man is to see a man brimming over with self-assurance, but it needs to come from somewhere. If you want to win his heart, don’t hold back on the compliments. It might seem like you’re swelling his ego, but you’re really showing him that you understand and that you care. Don’t give him empty praise though, because he will be able to tell the difference. Leos are also massive art lovers, in all its forms, so a healthy appreciation for theater, sculpture, music, and everything in between will go a long way in his books. Honestly though, if you want to attract a Leo man, you won’t have to work too hard to let him know you’re interested. He’s a natural romantic, but he also likes taking the lead on things, so if you want your relationship to get serious, make the first move, then sit back and let him take over. He won’t disappoint.

How to Date a Leo Man

The Leo man naturally shines and he expects those around him to respond accordingly. While the Leo man may not like competition, he does want to see those around him grow and respond to his energy, just as a flower responds to sunlight. If his romantic partner isn’t flourishing, he’ll wonder if he is doing something wrong. Work on your own growth and your Leo man will love you for it.

Also, don’t fail to give him the attention that he desires and craves. Be respectful of his feelings and boundaries, but also be sure to let him know how much you appreciate him. Show an interest in his work, hobbies, passions, and family. He wants to know that he is on your mind.

How to Communicate with a Leo Man

Honesty is always the best policy with a Leo man: It’s hard to keep things secret in the daylight, and the Leo man is bound to see through any half-truths. If he feels that you are being dishonest or are keeping things to yourself, he’s likely to feel hurt that you don’t trust him with your true feelings. Just remember, the Leo man wants to please his partner, so the more you stay in touch, the more he’ll know what he needs to do to make you happy.

Leo Man Turn Ons

Things are generally in flux around a Leo man, and while he enjoys the adventure and drama of it all, even the most adrenaline-fueled personalities need something stable in their lives. This doesn’t mean you should be a pushover for him, as that would make you both miserable, but if you can stick with him, even when the going gets a little rough, then he’ll gift you his loyalty and devotion in return. The Leo man is a generous soul, both in love and in the physical and monetary sense. And if you can offer him your support in return, nothing will tear him from you side.

Leo Man Turn Offs

The Leo man might love the spotlight, and he may even come off as a flirt to the untrained eye, but he’s rather allergic to drama and competition when it comes to matters of the heart. He’s not going to play games with his own emotions, much less somebody else’s, so if you enjoy flirting for the thrill of the chase, steer clear of the Leo man. And he absolutely hates injustice. His heart is as big as the celestial body that rules his sign, which means he can’t stand to see anyone treated poorly or as less than others. Nor will he be afraid to air his opinions on these matters very loudly wherever you go, and if you can’t handle that, or you aren’t able to support him in those endeavors, you will probably never hear from him again.

Leo Man Compatibility

Are you currently matched with a Leo man? Find out how compatible the two of you are with the California Psychics Zodiac Sign Compatibility Tool. And for more in-depth information on your personalities as a couple, your good and bad sides, and how to make it work, read your Compatibility blog on the California Psychics’ website.

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