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Dating a Cancer Woman

Dating a Cancer Woman | California Psychics

Cancer Woman Traits

The Cancer woman is an emotionally intelligent, affectionate person who, when you meet her, will probably strike you as the embodiment of femininity. This isn’t surprising when you remember that she is ruled by the moon, which rules all things feminine and mysterious. And just like her celestial ruler, you may find the Cancer woman a bit difficult to read at first; however, a little persistence will reveal a woman with a brilliant imagination, and a decent amount of ambition. The Cancer woman is good at getting what she wants, and what she wants is security. She’s more than happy to provide these things for herself, but she doesn’t mind the idea of someone coming along to help her get it either, but only if they’re going to pull their own weight.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman

Like her zodiac symbol, the crab, the Cancer woman guards her heart behind a tough shell, one she’ll only emerge from if she thinks the emotional investment is worth it. So, if you want to woo a Cancer woman, don’t hold back on the romance. She’s shy and guarded, but the more open you’re willing to be with her, the more she’ll reciprocate. Cancers are emotional people, and she needs to know that her partner can be trusted with her feelings. Knowing that you aren’t afraid to show your own emotions will go a long way with her. She’s also very family oriented. Her comfort zone is her own home, surrounded by her parents, siblings, and closest friends, and anyone who wants to win a Cancer woman’s heart has to be able to not only fit into that comforting dynamic, but be willing to create it with her.

How to Date a Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is a natural nurturer who genuinely wants to see you happy and successful. At the same time, it’s important not to take her loving care for granted. The Cancer woman is sensitive to what is going on around them, and if she feels neglected or taken advantage of, she’ll retreat into her “shell” very quickly. This can be confusing if you genuinely didn’t mean to cause hurt or upset, so do pay attention to your Cancer woman and her needs.

Another thing to be aware of is that the Cancer woman enjoys spending time with you as a person. While the occasional “big date” or adventure can be a wonderful thing, what she truly craves is the opportunity to get to know you better. Allow for plenty of time to talk and just be with each other when you go out. In fact, Cancers, perhaps more than any of the other signs, appreciate the romance of a quiet evening at home with some dinner, wine, and maybe a movie.

How to Communicate with a Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman loves communication and, when they feel safe with their partner, can be incredibly good at it. A Cancer woman experiences deep emotions and appreciates being able to express them. At the same time, she needs to hear from you as well. Speaking from the heart is one way to keep her connected to and interested in you.

At the same time, she’s very sensitive and doesn’t respond well to what they perceive as aggression or confrontation. If you are upset about something, take the time to calm yourself down before launching a discussion. Choose your words carefully, but also be honest. A Cancer woman in love genuinely cares about you and will want to address anything about her behavior that might be straining your relationship.

Turn Ons of a Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman works extremely hard for everything that she has, and she finds a similar work ethic in a partner extremely sexy. She needs someone who can work with her to create the secure, comfortable home she dreams of, not someone who is going to entirely depend on her or wants her to completely depend on them. And though it may take her a long time to show it, the Cancer woman is a complete romantic on the inside. If you want to win her heart, taking her on old-fashioned dates to the beach or candle-lit dinners will always win you points. She also loves creative things, so taking her to a museum or art gallery, or showing off your more artistic nature will certainly keep her attention on you.

Turn Offs of a Cancer Woman

At the end of the day, the Cancer woman needs to feel safe, financially, personally, and emotionally. Anyone who shows off traits that don’t mesh with that bottom line, such as wastefulness, lack of financial responsibility, or an overly flirtatious nature, are people that she is not going to want to be around. The Cancer woman works too hard to protect her feelings to risk being hurt by someone who will inevitably let her down. She doesn’t like boisterous personalities, and hates drama, so she will always avoid the people and places that give rise to such scenes. She’d rather just sit at home with a glass of wine and a book instead.

Cancer Woman Compatibility

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