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Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Cancer and Sagittarius

When Cancer and Sagittarius come together, there’s plenty to share. This is an exciting and playful match full of fun, food and friends; not to mention hours of laughs and long conversations. It’s Sagittarius worldly-type knowledge that probably first piqued Cancer’s curiosity and fascination. Aside from the incredible laughs they’ll share, the dinner parties they’ll whip up and the fun and intellectual debates, Cancer and Sagittarius are a mystery to each other. Sagittarius is a free spirited, see-the-world-on-a-whim type, while Cancer prefers to have roots in home and hearth. In bed, the sex may be wild and exciting, but for Cancer, it will be missing the emotional, tender side to love-making that Cancer needs in order to connect fully.

Cancer and Sagittarius are five signs apart which means the energy surrounding this couple can be karmic. There is a reason Cancer and Sagittarius found each other, whether it lasts a month, a year or a lifetime. Both will have to make some adjustments to stay together, but the fascination between this couple may just be enough to warrant some sacrifices.

Love by Element:  Water and Fire

What draws Cancer and Sagittarius to one another can only be described as just the sheer excitement of trying something that defies logic.  Fire under water creates steam.  Water over a fire, however, can quickly put a fire out.  Neither likes to hear “I told you so,” but still their connection can be irresistible.  Water can become more powerful when it’s heated, but fire has nothing to gain from water except possible extinction.  Still, fire likes to feel powerful.  Defying the odds is a potent aphrodisiac for both.  A Water and Fire match, especially Cancer and Sagittarius, may not be the zodiac’s most likely pair for romance, but that fact only makes it harder for them both to resist.

The Good Side of Cancer and Sagittarius

When Cancer and Sagittarius meet, it’s a jovial and fun connection. Both love to laugh, especially at the unusual or unexpected, so it’s probably the first thing that draws their attention toward one another. Another place where these two commingle well is in the kitchen. Both are culinary royalty, and they love inventing, experimenting, and testing out their new concoctions on friends. Their friends, by the way, can be wildly different types of people because Cancer and Sagittarius are in reality an improbable match. Of course, with all the laughing and eating going on, they don’t initially see their differences.

The Bad Side of Cancer and Sagittarius

After their latest test kitchen episode, Cancer will want to lounge on the couch and cuddle up while watching a movie. Sagittarius, meanwhile, is putting on their boots, getting ready for a night on the town. One is a homebody, and the other, obviously not. They’ll have to find a happy medium here, or these two could spend a lot of time arguing about how much they don’t have in common. Neither likes to fight or stay mad for long, so when the make-up begins, most likely in the bedroom, unfortunately, they’ll find another place where they differ. Sagittarius is the wild and ready to dive in, while Cancer needs a more emotional connection. That can leave Cancer feeling unfulfilled.

Keys to a Successful Union

When Cancer and Sagittarius get together, they may be puzzled by their connection, along with everyone around them. Some believe this is the ultimate karmic repair relationship, where unfinished business gets worked out. Born five signs apart leaves a lot of room in between, so here is a chance to grow not only as a couple but individually as well — think soulful elevation.

Here’s their key to success:  Break through barriers, drop expectations, and don’t dismiss each other’s gifts—Cancer’s intuitiveness and Sag’s philosophical POV. Build a bridge that allows both to see the other side and even meet in the middle. Bond over stories that make you laugh and enjoy evenings under the stars.

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