Capture the Heart of a Cancer

capture the heart of a cancer

Capturing the heart of a Cancer may depend upon their emotions and mood. They’re very sensitive and caring. Keeping a Cancer smiling is key. Cancer is an emotionally complex sign. Extraordinarily sensitive and caring, they love deeply and completely. They can also be extraordinarily moody, not to mention shy about revealing their feelings. So if you’d like to delve into their watery depths and capture the heart of a Cancer, here are some things you need to know.

Be in the Flow
“Still waters run deep” describes the emotional nature of some Cancers, while others resemble a tidal wave. It all depends on their mood, because Cancer is an emotional Water sign ruled by the Moon. Their feelings ebb and flow like the tides. Being in tune with your Cancer means getting to know the flow and how to react (or not react) to it. Most times, being sensitive to their needs and not overreacting to any given situation will help dissolve the storm clouds.

Get Free of Emotional Debris
Here’s an especially important tip: Work through emotional issues as they come up. That’s good advice for any couple, true, but Water signs, especially Cancer and Scorpio, have the greatest tendency to hold onto emotional wounds. If your Cancer’s feelings are hurt, their emotional and sexual energies will go into hiding. They can crawl into their shell — the symbol for Cancer is the Crab — and not come out until you make a (preferably tearful) apology.

Also, if you have a tendency to withdraw emotionally, your Cancer will become quite clingy, and increasingly demanding, until you reconnect with them. So if you don’t want to stir up a tsunami, be sure your connection is intact.

Sexy and Sentimental
Cancer is the most sentimental sign of the zodiac. They enjoy gifts, gestures, and other tokens of your affection that remind them of your relationship. A photo album of your trip together or poem that expresses your love will assure you a place in their heart. After you’ve been together a while, going back to the place where you met, proposed, or just enjoyed a romantic evening together will inspire their devotion.

Sexually, being attuned to your Cancer’s deepest feelings will bring out their passion. Their exceptional sensitivity and powers of intuition make them adept at discerning your sexual needs as well. They aim to please and can be quite creative between the sheets.

Cancer rules food, nurturing, and family, so a home-cooked meal in a cozy setting will can be the ultimate foreplay. They love to nurture and be nurtured, so a gentle massage or bathing together — remember, they’re a Water sign! — will get them going as well.

Cancer the Comedian
One other note about the Crab is their loony sense of humor. They love to laugh. Just look at this lineup of famous Cancer comedians: Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Dan Aykroyd, Milton Berle, Mel Brooks, Bill Cosby, Will Ferrell and Gilda Radner. If you can keep your Cancer smiling, you’ll stand a better chance of capturing — and keeping — their heart.

83 thoughts on “Capture the Heart of a Cancer

  1. christi

    I am in love with a man born on july 18, a truly cancer man. Emotions are erratic, sometimes so loving, sometimes trying hard to hide the feelings. I don’t know but I feel like sometimes, he plays only to get me jealous, for him to feel that he is being loved. I feel his jealousy too, but he hides it. I think he is afraid of emotions. But I strongly feel a connect, i love to stroke him, sometimes he loves it, sometimes he would say, he hates being primped. It is hard to understand a cancer man.

    1. niki

      i’m also loving a cancer man.his very different than al..i feel that more than me no one can understood him..but he never understand me.he become more romantic some time some time angry bird sometime funny sometime nice.. im totally confused about him.if we were talking in call and his friend’s suddenly enters he just cut my call and go.he will not listen wat ever i shout..he will not care..sometimes i feels his true with me.but wen come to marriage topic he not show interest in discussing that matter im confused what to do..? i feel to leave him sometime … but i love him a lot from two years i cant be single moment also without him so we are working in same office only..i dont know how to make him feel needy for me.. and should make him ready for marriage and to convince his parents..they rejecting bcz of cast…

  2. Libra girl

    I met this Cancer guy at my job; I worked at a dry cleaners. He was coming to the business for the entire time I worked there @ 2 years. I always thought he was cute, but out of my league so I never said anything. One day, recently he came in and asked to me come out to the club with him and some of this friends and I was down for it, but my girls wasn’t so i didn’t go. About 2 weeks pass with us just texting each other. Finally I met up with him and we went out for drinks, shot pool and just talked. I ended up going back to his hotel room and had sex with him. I’m currently (seem to be stuck) in a relationship (4years) that I’m not happy in but because of my financial situation, it’s best for ME to stay. My Cancer guy doesn’t seem to understand this… Me and my Cancer guy have been seeing each other like once a week and there’s always something sexual going on. This last time though, it was different, so much passion in the sex that now I’m really feeling this guy. And on this occasion he asked if I was going to be his little freak?? Is this all sexual or could it be that he likes me since they have weird ways of expressing themselves…

  3. Alice

    After 39 years of a cancer man….ENOUGH!…I left. I’m a Virgo woman, met him at sixteen and married at 19! Lots of great qualities, hard working, mother on a pedestal, good humor,and party guy! I’d say think long and hard cause when our children came 2 and attention was given to them jealousy took over and made it miserable….selfish for as long as his needs are met great if not hell to pay….control freak and made sure he put me in my place when his mom was around and totally tried to control every thing and situation. Thinks he’s great in bed and even though I was never with anyone else, I read, listened and knew he never listened to what I would have liked again as long as he got what he wanted. I will not say it’s easy being alone but my life after almost 4 years is way calmer and finally I don’t look over my shoulder as much. My biggest regret is not leaving much much sooner, I believe my children are scarred from all the disrespect and chaos that went on but financially I couldn’t sustain us and he made sure even after 39 years he would get me back for leaving. We were both in the same house while separated and he would talk out loud to his new girlfriend and tell her he loved her while I walked by with out grandson…brought her food home to our house and the list goes on. He is endless energy, can’t stomach weakness, aging nd when really needed in times of ill health is not there for you……..RUN DON’T WALK!!!

  4. Messa

    Hi everyone, love the article. I also am a Cancer; my husband a Leo. I did all my research to understand him and to know how to get along well with him and please him, and it works. I know how to avoid the ego clash with him and to get him to be soft and sweet with me. On the other hand, he thinks he knows me well especially since I am loving, loyal, kind hearted and all the adorable nature of a Cancerian. I think he did not do his homework to research the nature of a cancer woman and he takes me for granted. I wish he would do his research on Cancer women to understand me more. If he did, he would understand that we are loyal to the core, and since Leo’s love to be flattered and admired, I would give him all the admiration, attention and praises he needs. One thing about cancer is they LOVE TO PLEASE and nurture others. If my husband would only try to get to understand me better, he would know how truly lucky he is to have me in his life. I am not saying that he doesn’t love me to the core or know that he is lucky, However, if he would only try to understand a cancerian woman, we would be much more happier together. He doesn’t understand my moodiness; I think it drives him crazy. He doesn’t understand that sometimes I need reassurance in understanding his needs and that he is truly happy with his choice to be with me. My leo husband demands respect with I will honestly and openly give him without his demands. However, I wish that he will earn my respect by showing respect to me and value me more. He has too much pride and is too self centered to notice that he disrespects me often. I forgive him always as I am a Christian and I sense his weakness to be stronger and build great character. I do love him to the core – I WISH HE WOULD VALUE ME MORE, SHOW MORE AFFECTION AND GIVE RESPECT WHERE IT IS DUE!

  5. Jonathan

    I just wrote an essay in the comment box telling you about us, but decided to just tell you what to stay away from, and if you would match a cancer. If he does not have a job on his own, with a reasonable paycheck and it is something he DOES NOT LOVE, dont get involved. First of all two key things are in the previous sentence, paycheck, and not loving the job. If he does not have the money coming in, in a stable fashion, he will have lots of problems emotionally about it(not being secure enough). If he does not love his job, expect him to quit it soon, otherwise life will be hell at home 24/7 cause if he aint happy no ones happy. If he has family issues, run. Most of the troublesome cancer men out there have problems with their family. A cancer thrives on family, if family is garbage, he will most likely be scared beyond repair, sad as it is. For those of you wondering do you match them instead of them matching you. If you are more sexual than emotional its no good. His sex comes from the heart, the better your hearts connect, the better the sex life. If you are not patient, just walk away now. You will have to have something that you can immerse yourself in while he is recharging(no set time for complete recharge). And i can tell you, interrupt the recharge process enough and he will close himself to you. This leads in a final all or nothing where he does everything to reconnect, which you take as him trying really hard for you. And then its over, just like that. That all or nothing was him trying to see that you WANT HIM for who he is, not what you think he is. If you see this happen, you better tell him that the feelings that you had when you met him have either remained or grown cause those are the only two options for him. Thats pretty much all i cant tell you in general. Really look at the family though. Cause thats the map for you to him.

    1. Henrieta

      Hi, thank you for your input. I am a libra in love with a cancer. Just like you said..he does not have a stable job at the moment and he completely distanced himself from me. I love him deeply and I just can’t understand how he can be so cold and stop regular communication. He still communicates if I send him a message but it’s lacking was his birthday in 30th of June and I sent him gardeners birthday basket as his dream is to start landscaping business he was very happy when he received it however the next day he went back to being cold. Please give me an advise. I love him very much and I’m willing to be patient and wait as long as it takes…please help.. thank you, Henrieta xx

    2. Kristen

      Hi Jonathan

      Your comment really resonated with me and I wanted to bounce my situation off you to see if I’m going crazy.

      I (Sun: Capricorn Moon &Rising : Scorpio) been dating this all around great Cancer guy since June/2017. When we first started dating we immediately fell for one another, we knew that we’ve never experiences a love like what we were experiencing. I soon found out that growing up he’d seen a lot of negative things, he was badly damaged in his first marriage, his family demands a lot from him, and he doesn’t like his job. Trying to be understanding, I noticed that small things (well I thought they were small) like him not remembering when we were supposed to go out and me telling him that I was disappointed sent him into a world spin. He says that he associates disappointment to his first marriage. I tried to explain to him that I’m not her. It took him a week at a time to “recharge” which made me feel terrible. We both have kids two a piece around the same ages, I’ve started to build a bond with his family. Me and his mother sew every weekend. I’ve always been there when his “recharging” phase was over. About 2 months ago he expressed to me that he was extremely afraid of getting intimate with me again because the connection is so strong and he is afraid to fall out with me again because it hurts too bad and takes him too long to recover. What I don’t think he understands is that he is causing the fall outs. My only gripes in the relationship was me not seeing him consistently. (Even though we text all day). To give him the benefit of the doubt his entire family told me that he doesn’t remember anything. Which is why I’ve been lenient and understanding when he has forgotten things in the past. This last blow up was because he made plans with a buddy and I assumed he would make me his first stop when he had free time. When I mentioned it, he told me how stressed out he was and how he just wants to move. When I got off the phone (Feeling like crap) I sent him a text letting him know that I feel like the only thing I could do to help was leave his life. (I didn’t want to, but he made me feel like a burden or not important). He didn’t respond, I texted him again letting him know that I didn’t want to walk away I just don’t know how I could help. He ignored me again, in a panic I reached out on a few social media sites to get his attention. (He Didn’t LIKE THAT) MAJOR error on my part. He finally responded “I love you, I truly do. Please just give me some time and I’ll call you and we can figure something out”. That day never came and I ended up reaching out for clarification a few days later. He responded and told me that we need to “Put the entire relationship on ice” and that me reaching constantly that day turned him off completely. I told him “ok- I understand”. He replied that this is stressful and he doesn’t need stress right now. A week or so later I reached out and asked him if this is something that he would want to revisit in the future “If handled correctly”. He replied. I don’t know what the future holds, but right now I just need to be by myself. I’ve been in my brain about this for a while now and know that it’s time for me to mentally move on. No need in beating dead horse. I truly believe we are soul mates and with soul mates it doesn’t always mean things will be a bed of roses. I don’t know if he is seeing someone else, (I hope not). I told him that I would check on him in a few weeks and not to erase me out of his memory. I don’t know why I want to show him that he can have the healthy, loving, caring, and successful relationship he longs for it will just take work, from the both of us together and work within ourselves. What are you thoughts?

    3. Aleesha Castellain

      Do they break up with you as a test ? Because me and my cancer man have been together for what’s going on 3 years he just broke up with me last Sunday this will be the third time he’ll break up with me then beg me to take him back and that he’s in love with me etc he often tells me after sex that I have his heart and please don’t break it and he was just telling me he wants a child with me and how he cares and love me so much three days before he broke up with me we got into a little argument and boom he broke up with me I love him so much I hope he’s not serious what should I do? What do you think, please help I’m hurting

  6. Jonathan

    @jane – Man, reading that, i would think he was a stalker. But i myself am i cancer, and i can say with 75% certainty that he is genuine. I had to put myself in his shoes and read again. I say 75% because 25% is the unknown about any mate, “is this person bad”. If everything you said is true, and im not missing anything, the man is in love with you. The glaring was not so much as a glaring, but a statement, “i cant get you out of my head”. He made it look like glaring as a protective screen because his afraid of your reaction. Im not to sure what to think about the uninvited visit. I DOUBT it, but he could have talked with someone who is close to you(?), in a way they didnt realize they were looking at his honest desire to spend time with you. But take it as another sign of “i cant get you out of my head”. That night was a “confirmation” to himself that he likes you(cause if he didnt he wouldnt have left the note, no ifs, ands, or buts). a thought just occurred, the glaring was also him observing you to see if that night was even an option, he really wanted to see you that night. Not sure about the next part, you phrasing confuses me. I can tell you this, if you are here, you have read other articles about cancer, if you dont open yourself to him by a certain time, it will be over. Aquarius is suppose to be secretive about their feelings, and you not telling him yours will be the cause for the tsunami that destroys the relationship.

  7. jane

    Im an aquarian, and 13 yrs ago i met a cancer man we spoke only a few times and it always felt comfortable, last week he was at a family party we spoke briefly and at the end of the night he offered to run some of us home me being one of the first, not long after he knocked on my door i hadnt invited him nor flirted through the evening although i had caughtt him glaring at me, i asked him in anyway we sat and spoke for hours about anything and everything it was so relaxed and then he kissed me it was so passionate we fell asleep in each others arms ( no sex ) when i woke he had vanished no goodbye nothing or so i thought!!! Later that day i found a little note with his name number and kisses, after a few hours i text i found your note,….he replied that he was buzzing and how much he had enjoyed my company and hoped i wasnt going to leave it another 13yrs and he only had a five week plan???? Ive arranged to meet him this weekend i have received numerous really nice complimentary texts off this man from how soft my lips are to how easy he finds it to think of me and i find myself thinking the same although i havent confessed this to him, i feel this has come along and slapped me in the face when i really wasnt expecting it and it come from nowhere hahaha. I havent a clue if i should pull back from this cancer man or ride the wave i feel hes about to take me on helpppppppp

  8. Pinky

    My cancer boyfriend was living with me for a week. And I’m a Scorpio & we weren’t communicating well. He left me one night. I tried to text him & he sent me a very long text & told me to go find someone else who will feel sorry for me. I was truly hurt & so I gave him some space. It’s been over a week & I never heard anything from him. I sent him a Facebook message apologizing & I got no response. Will he ever forgive me & give me another chance? Please help!

    1. Ariel

      He needs to know that he is wanted and loved, cancer men dont like to talk about others feelings , you have to make him hear you, but not my screaming or yelling , but by a conversation where you tell him how you feel and if he cuts you off let him talk and then when he has a pause in his sentence tell him again what is bothering you until he gets the point , but in the conversation tell him that you still want him and you love him, but he needs to hear what you have to say to have a good and healthy relationship , you both need to express your feelings to have a good relationship ……now I am a Taurus so it is very easy for me to hide my feelings and keep them to myself so I am a pretty good match with a cancer because they are one to talk about them self a lot , sometimes it seems that they are basically in a relationship with them self because they dont listen to their partner , but just give them time to hear you and while you are telling him what is wrong also remember to tell him that you want and love him , you have to make him feel needed

  9. Erika

    I have a huge crush on this cancer man and recently i confessed that to him.But now i dont know wether he likes me back or does he have the same feeling for me or not??! i mean we are friends and he once said that he cares about me and that he would never hurt me but he never said he likes me or has a crush on me?Is it really hard for cancer men to confess their love?or is he plainly not interested in me?Please help!

    1. Ariel

      Cancer men are one to not tell their romantic feelings when they are scared of an outcome , tell him again , or maybe ask him out , cancer men will touch you a lot like shoulders or hugs and they will be long, not like very long, but they will be like idk how to explain it , it will feel different than a regular hug, I can’t explain it , but when they are touching you more than 5 times a day on purpose they most likely like you , I am defiantly not an expert , but this is my experience

  10. Ellen

    I have been in an affair with a much younger cancer male for 5 months. He is tall, dark and handsome with the most sexest smile you have ever seen. They take things so slowly and I mean everything.. He was very moody and would not talk to me for days. I finally told him that I didn’t appreciate it and not to take whatever was going on with him out on me. That worked and he has been fine since. He is finally starting to open up to me and tell me about his family and his history. I am a gemini and it has been good learning experience for me to learn how to slow down and not rush this. They are very sensual lovers. This man can melt me with just a look and a smile. Very soft, slow and leave you begging him for more.. He has my heart and from what most say he will crush it one day… But I rather have it crushed then to never experienced him at all.

  11. Rose Ann Farese

    i am currently involved with a Cancer who happens to have Aspergers Syndrome Talk about quirky!!!
    we have broken up and come together more times than I would like to admit!
    He just stops communicating than all of a sudden I will hear from him every day three or four times a day!!
    I dont know if it is the Aspergers or just him!
    he is so sweet and it is true once he has made love to you you dont want any other!!

  12. Heidi

    I am a Gemini and I fell in love with a Cancer Man almost 8 years ago. Moved in with him about 6 months ago. I have done everything possible to give him love support faithfulness, I gave him my heart n soul. Some days he commnicates & other days I have to try to figure things out for myself. He’s such a good man and he’s soo worth everything we have been through. I hope someday he will really see what he truly has.

  13. Kristy

    I’m a gemini and I’m deeply in love with a cancer man. I just fall in love him without any reason after a night club together. We have just known each other for about a month or so. At the beginning, we were very close. We went out for movies and text each other everyday until his competition come so close and he suddenly stop asking me out and at times he dont even reply my text. I am very unsure whether he still likes me or not. I dont know how to hold on to his heart. I don’t know how to go through this. I just miss him like crazy but im afraid of confessing as i did not want to embarrass myself. What should i do to hold him on?

    1. Ariel

      If you want him you need to confess your feelings and make him feel loved, wanted, and needed …..if he still doesn’t talk to you he doesn’t like you

    2. Sheila

      I say this kindly, he’s just not that interested in you. And that’s ok. Move on and you will find a man who is.
      When a man leaves it’s usually not for games. It’s an obvious sign that he isn’t interested anymore. When a mania interested you will know.

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  15. Church Mouse

    I was and in some ways still in love with a Cancer male. They can be the most passionate and maddening of all the signs. They will pursue you with a great force , then with no notice stop. You can hurt their feelings with out even trying and they can look you directly in the eye and lie , without blinking. To them it is not a lie , it is what they feel is the best answer to give you at the time. The way they make love to you with ruin it for any other man that may follow. They are completely in tune with your body. When they decide something it’s done , no matter the cost. They will choose finical security or every thing else , they will marry for money , and muddle threw the marriage . There are some that will stray and having steamy sexual encounters that will last for a period of time . The women they select are of quality in all aspects , it would never be a common run around. They will woe the poor woman , till she thinks she has found ” Mr. Right ” and poof like magic he is gone. No phone calls , no explanations , no return call. He is done with her and will return back to his wife. If she is the more stable one $$$$ , then he will never divorce her . If he is in power , then he will always take care of her , if there are children involved . Get it threw your pretty little head that you are some where in his line , maybe 3rd, or 4th. But you will never be number one , so don’t push for it or hes gone. Remember they are very sensitive If you were his first love he will always love you. He may not speak to you , but will always carry you in his heart. Now if you are some where else down the line , if he has feelings for you they too will always be there. They do not consider it cheating on you , if your not physically there in the room , or even in their heads. So think it over long and hard before you give your heart to a Cancer Male , because you will never get it back.

  16. shauna

    I am a Pisces and am currently in a long distance relationship with a Cancer who travels on top of it! We really hit it off fast and hard and with a connection I have never experienced. (he said the same thing) I wonder about the travel and distance thing though, he was in my area for quite a while and is now out of the country somewhat indefinately. Do Cancers tend to flake? As in get bored, lose interest? Its funny, I am drawn to Cancers to. Several ex boyfriends and most of my close friends are Cancer.

  17. Josie

    Hi I am married to a cancer. I am starting to understand after reading so much about cancer men. I truly love my husband with all my heart but he makes it so very hard to get in. I think I push him farther away from me. He is a wonderful man who use to enjoy spending time together. Lately he works longer and longer hours so as to not come home until really late. This is my second marriage his third. I am starting to feel very insecure in my marriage. I don’t want to lose my husband. I can ask him questions he will not open his mouth. All I want is to please him again the way it was in the beginning. I don’t feel that he really loves me still. He tells me he loves me. He won’t let me get very close to him in bed. I truly don’t want to mess this marriage up and I am hoping and praying that it is not to late to save are marriage. I think I let all my anger not to see the wonderful man that I married. Any suggestions you have I would gladly try. If this is not working time to try something new.

  18. Wendy

    When I read the characteristics that explain how Cancer signs really are,I’m blown away by the accuracy of my personality & certain traits! It’s exactly ME! My husband of 11 years is also a Cancer & I would like to research more about our compatibility because in September of 2011 I discovered evidence of a 3 year affair he’s been having with a married woman 10 years younger who lives in Washington & we are in Texas. I confronted him immediately & he denied sleeping with her even though the evidence I found,along with my gut feelings tells me I’m 100% right I don’t have solid,undeniable proof to confront him with he refuses to admit the one part I “NEED” him to come clean about so that I can bring closure to this subject & mend & hopefully save our marriage. This is his first marriage & my second. We have 2 kids(6&9) & it really breaks my heart to know he strayed & risked our entire World for a fling! What should I do? Signed, Lost -N – concussed ( but still in LOVE) ps. I want to save & mend my relationship but how do I do that when trust is a huge issue & how can I get him to come clean? We battle over this aproximantly ever other week & I can’t sweep it under the rug,put on a fake smile & just go on as if nothing ever happened & that’s what I feel he expects me to do! I don’t know if he’ll ever admit to the affair,he has to certain things & has appoligized but refusses to say Yes I did that so I can finally let go of this BS that has consumed my every thoughts of everything in my life. I have to also admit that it has started to affect me so intensely that ican hardly eat ,I go 2-3 days without sleeping,I think of nothing but ways to prove his guilt so we can finally end it all & begin to mend our marriage & possibly return to the way we were(A Happy Loving Couple.) Any advise?

  19. Gigi 21

    OMG!!!!You know this article is so much descriptive and deeply elaborate.Cancers are so affective and devoted.Me i like taking care of the persons that i love,talking about my family,friends,my boyfriend etc.But sometimes;it is not easy at all?because i don’t receive the same quantity of love that i share with my entourage.Some of them think that i am a fake-ass etc.They don’t get what i have inside of me,the huge love that i always contain in my little heart.My boyfriend too,sometimes behave so rude to me,he is a Gemini.Me i always express my feelings and emotions,and he is so brainy and objective.That always put us in troubles.But,to solve the problem,even if i perfectly know that he is the one who is wrong,i am the one who get close of him and ask him to forgive me.I like living in a relaxing atmosphere,and i do everything i can to acoid the agressivity around me.Serenity is so essential to me.

  20. Debi Day

    I too am a cancer, we are very intuitive, I often can read others feelings and emotions, I am very energetic when it comes to what I am passionate about- art, family , music….but when I am feeling sad and my energy level gets low, I tend to sleep a lot more and I dream constantly, luckily I have kept a dream journal for years now and it has seem to guide me through the years. I find that exercising and having a creative outlet is the best way to keep me from being moody and critical of others, if you gain the love and respect of a cancer it will be a life long devotion, cancers love to please others and be appreciated, I always think of what others want first, I find peace in knowing I can make other people happy.

    1. vednah

      Hello, will you be always attached to your first love?
      If ever you are married to your first love, is there a possibility that you will cheat on her?

  21. Alex Torres

    I am a cancer and this is what I feel. I am an independent person who likes an organized life. That’s a way I perceive my life. Not figured out but I try to be perfect. Cleanness plays a very important role and It may ruin some things in this life, but I still have my dignity. We’re very hard working creatures but we can be very chill at the same time too. Many people may not like the the way we think or the way we make actions but we’re sensitive to others’ actions and emotions. I like drinking water and it’s my energy I do like to cook whenever It’s not dirty or a burden to anyone. Sex I don’t I am not a porn star or anything but giving and receiving is a definite promise.. Sleeping, oh man I love sleeping.. And opera is another important role in my life. The lyrics and sound brings joy to my life. Dreams can be weird and hard to understand but we try to focus on it. Dimmed lights is better than bright light.

  22. yolanda82

    My cancer’s family owns him also. especially his MOTHER! I do believe that she has influenced him a lot as far as our relationship goes. When we started our relationship years ago, It was perfect we were both very happy with each other. And then his Mother got into our business and it has been hell every since. I believe she won’t stop until we are divorced. I feel this fight I can not handle anymore. She has stolen my life with him. and lately it has been worse than ever. What do you suggest I do?

  23. yolanda82

    My cancer is just the opposite of what you are discribing. He is very argumentative and never happy with anything I do. Money is a big problem for us. He wants control of everything. And won’t let me be myself. I feel that even though we have been together almost 20 years, we are no longer in love. Our home life is very chaotic and I want to leave him. I can’t take anymore of his negativity. I am also a water sign in pisces and I feel we are very different from each other. Can you help me in this matter

  24. livinginawe

    Connie, so very sorry for your loss, I hope you will be able to continue your life without great sorrow, as one of my friends said during my fathers funeral.. “It is the living that are saddest, those who have passed are no longer sad, they are free” This did not help me of course, but later upon thinking about it, it was her way of telling me all is well, life goes on people will come in your time to comfort you, and you will continue in ways that enlighten you. I have good days and bad days, but I no longer waste my days. But I do understand when the nights are at their blackest. I have open conversations then, into the black, into the air, into eternity. All my deepest sympathy and embrace..

  25. Connie (Nick name)

    My most recent love has died @ the age of 49 so young. I find I can’t get him out of
    my mind. We had great and good times together. He filled the void in my life that I had for almost 15 years. The worst part of his life is that he was warking around the clock meaning seven days a week including lots of hours. He told me he was not afraid to leave this world and I tried everything I could to watch over him but, it did,nt help. He was a close pal, buddy or friend to me. I am a Cancer and he was born 10 16 62 a real die heart.
    I don’t know if I want a person in my life again but I still wander what will my future be.

  26. livinginawe

    I am a Taurus woman dating a Cancer male. If I had could scream from the mountain tops, I would scream “Thank You” I am so grateful for him in my life. It’s almost painful how grateful I am.
    I want to take this relationship with such care. He devours me I’d like to devour him.
    I am not taking this one day at a time. I’m taking it one life time at a time. The moments are very deep, I feel like I’m fathoms under the sea and breathing my first breath of faith.
    I’m the bull in the china shop tripping on vulnerability and he’s there sweeping me up into his arms with reasurrance and a life raft. I feel like the luckiest bull in the universe. You could call it the Poseidon Adventure, for this god of the sea has most certainly shaken the very ground I plod merrily along on. Gently down the stream I go, life has become but a dream. A dream come true. If I get the opportunity to see him that in itself is enough. A life time, I’d need about 500 before I’d be able to let go. But if I have to let go tomorrow, all is well, for I can manifest him through the etching on my soul.

  27. peggy

    Ditto Havahstar. I am a Sadge and my “novio”(boyfriend) is a Cancer. I think the rising signs, ascendants are very important here. Mine is Cancer, his is Aquarius. It works.

  28. sakes


  29. kelly

    Thank you for this article its right on the money im a cancer and it helps me understand me and how to make it easier on others lets face it cancers were tough to deal with but we’re worth it i still have all my girlfriends from the 6th grade we’re loyal,dedicated,honest and loving but dont make us MAD….

  30. sj

    yea, i read the breakdown on us cancer’s and most of it is very true, i am also independent and do find it hard to find a guy who can face up to an independent female i just get so fed-up with male ego’s or the guy’s who think what they see is just a pssing phase and they try their best to change you, that really bugs so i find myself explaining that what you see and what you hear is me not me trying to be forth right i am forth right. it’s been about 8years since i have been in a relationship oh i do try but then as some other comment said you have to chat to that person to make it work ,so i do then i think ah blow it, not sure what type of bloke would suit me except maybe one who is strong and yet sensitive, scorpio, pisces maybe!!!

  31. anna

    i do believe that cancers are the most complex of all signs! I think cancers can be very strong/independent or it can backfire and they can be emotionally needy/have mommy issues. this article exactly described me, i think it’s funny! and i don’t think anyone does realize the realness of a cancer…i totally understand when you say you feel like you are an open book. I feel like i am an open book, others think that i am emotionally shut off…my lovers think i’m too emotional. it’s confusing! :S

  32. sophie

    i am a cancer and ijust ended it with a capicorn after nine year there was somthing always inbetween us it was either his ex or me he always thought i was mysterious but i thouhgt of myself as a open book anything you wanted to know just ask me right ??? but i am so independant and pretty and i really hate attention but when i watch couples holding hands i think Awe i wish that could be me…n then i hear you gotta axaully talk to a guy in order for that to happen …but my excuses are endlesss

  33. nadmomo

    every thing is so true! i and my daughters father are both cancers, known each other for about 5 years…long story short when we are good, its like heaven on earth but when we are bad its like hell….when hes hurt he goes into a little shell and doesnt really cares who he hurts, when i on the other hand have to express myself and tell him what it is. with time ive learned to control my emotions…we both say some evil things to one another, and then wake up the next morning feeling like crap,,,,cancers! we both plot and think how to get back at one another, not healthy, especially now a child is involved and he doesnt understand. as long as he gets his point across thats all that matters! im really trying to be the bigger person but i guess in time

    1. Unknown

      I’ve been in and out of my relationship with cancer man for 15 months and has been in a roller coaster ride. He is hot and cold and not consistant with how he feels. How do you deal with this?

  34. ni-ni

    I think i love my Cancer. I have read his zodiac for the first time and its soo true. I need him to stay around FOR AS LONG AS HE WISHES. I told him from day one that i always want to know him. Everthing about this sign benefits the both of us, It dosent matter if were intimate or not, Imma always be his Aquarius.

  35. Jaspa

    I don’ know whats wrong with me. Every man I’ve been attracted to lately is a freaken Cancer. They are all so cool. None of them are the negative type. I just can’t seem to hold on to any of them, not one. One I lost my chance years ago by not showing him I was interested when he made a move and he’s been with the same person for 9 years. We secretly adore each other, but neither of us attempt to make a serious pass at each other, due to my respect for the girlfriend. The other is a co-worker and way younger than me. Once we attempted to test the waters, it was the last time. First we were clear about being on the same page. When we decided to flip to the next page, the book closed soon afterwards. He wanted to have a talk about how he feels and how I feel. Last I recalled we both felt the same. What a bummer! I told him no need to talk, it’s all good. We still talk every day. No flirting at all. We never bring it up, we just pretend it never happened. It kills me every day to see his beautiful face and pretend that it doesn’t matter. Every time I see him I just want to hold him close and never let him go. As for the other Cancer, well thats a different story. He would probably be my best match. He gave me the feeling several times that he’s interested. I just stay away. Far, far away. I don’t know much about him and maybe its best that way. All I know is, i’m keeping my distance. If he wants me he best make the move and make it very clear. When he does, I’m going to be ready.

  36. shelba

    Definitely describes me…only thing it didn’t say is that I have a tendency to shy away from new relationships after a bad one…takes time to coax me back out of my shell…but having a good sense of humor keeps me believing that life is good!!

  37. Shanni

    yes this describes me like its been knowing me my whole life all i could do was read n smile from ear to ear because Im a true 100% cancer

  38. Sophia

    I’m a cancer and I have dated a cancer. He was emotionally immature, needy, demanding, selfish, had ED and was under 30. He has a mother complex that if Fred was resurrected could work on him until he died again. He feels he is a victim and REALLY sucked in bed – unbelievably so AND I believe he was addicted to porn as well as working on becoming an alcoholic. His family owns him and he knows it! He is also very passive-aggressive!
    Any woman who becomes involved with him he will punish and he loves to pit women against each other. Thankfully, it was a short relationship but I learned a lot!

    Even though I am a Cancer, womanly, and have raised a fine family, I am really independent and strong. I do pull away when emotionally hurt but I will ask nicely for what I need 3 times. If my needs aren’t met – I move on. So for Cancer ED boy, I nicely asked him for what I needed. I even asked his permission, “Can I jump you?” “Oh yeah of course” he says. However, any time I was sexually assertive he shut down. There was no room for my sexuality in the relationship. So it was done! fast! If I asked for more in bed he punished me by saying he wanted a threesome. I bought him tickets to a concert, he took another woman. Enough said.:)

    I think a good cancer man has a healthy relationship with his mother and sisters. If not, it’s best to let him alone! And I’m sure there are healthy ones out there.

  39. judykrager

    I’m in love with a cancer also, Thank GOD I don’t see him as much anymore.He has big problems. For one his (MOTHER) won’t let him live his own life , and frankly I don’t he he could, He has gone through countless relationships. He’s in his 40’s and Is looking for a women to live off of. He’s a (drunk,gambler,theif cheats,) he uses drugs, anything he can get his hands on and beleave me ther is no life with that. If he dosn’t get his he will make sure he dose! people like that won’t admit they have a problem, but then again so dose his MOTHER. If any nice lady that has respect for themsels get away FAST

  40. sexyme3

    I definetly agree with this statement. I love my sign and feel like no one knows the realness of a cancer heart but they know bitterness when we are done wrong…. This is 100% me!

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  44. jettagirl

    As the Cancer, I would definitely agree with being complex. My current love is a Gemini who finds me completely myserious and my response to him is that I am a “true” Cancer. I need the re-assurance of his communication with me along with the gift of time in order to feel as though we are still moving forward with our relationship. I also am leary about putting my emotions out there until I am sure that I won’t get hurt and it drives him crazy as he doesn’t feel that I want to open up but it’s not like he is an open book, either. Laughter is a great thing but I tend to be sarcastic and self-deprecating to extreme measures but when you learn to understand the other’s make-up and astrological influences, pieces of the puzzle fall into place and you can travel on life’s adventures together.

  45. havahstar

    Thank you for this article, it’s right on target! I’m a Sagittarius and my love is a cancer. I don’t know how or why I’m so attracted to him but i am. I didn’t realize they were so emotional either. I’m a bit emotionally withdrawn and dating him I had to start sharing my feelings which is totally not my nature. All my past relationships have been so ephemeral so now I’m getting used to long term commitment, opening up, and being sensitive to his needs. We still fight now and again but they’re very small arguments, basically about me not telling him what’s going on or me accidentally saying something truthful that upsets him. All I want to do is please him but because of my nature I don’t know how to be perfect enough to suit his needs. Any suggestions you have to make my love a very happy cancer?


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