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Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer and Leo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Cancer and Leo

When Cancer and Leo make a love match, it’s a meeting of the Moon and the Sun with energies as different as night and day. Leo likes to take the lead which is fine by Cancer who prefers to set the stage. However, that doesn’t mean that Cancer can’t shine as well. Together this couple will have many friends and host many get-togethers that seem to spoil their guests. If these two can balance those polarities, they can become a united power couple that’s envied by all.

Cancer is proud to walk into a crowded room with the warm and cultured Leo, and Leo is happy to lavish Cancer with the affection they love. Leo can be a spendthrift and sometimes Cancer can be quite the opposite. However, for every item they purchase for themselves, Leo is bound to be just as generous and thoughtful at giving Cancer gifts of the most luxurious kind. Though these two have things in common, they grow closer by learning to navigate and appreciate their differences and the many ways they can compliment each other.

Love by Element:  Water and Fire                                 

When tradition-loving Water sign Cancer meets adventurous and fiery Leo, it can be a bit of a challenge. This relationship can turn into a real play for power, so compromise is a needed and necessary component in this relationship. Water and Fire can get steamy, but that same combination can also dampen the spark between them. To live happily ever after, Leo the lion will have to occasionally dip their toe in the Cancer’s watery world of home, family, and lifelong traditions. Water sign Cancer, will have to step out of their comfort zone once in a while and learn how to enjoy spontaneous adventures, take risks, and sometimes embrace the unknown. This won’t be a smooth mix for either, but when it’s working, it can be quite rewarding.

The Good Side of Cancer and Leo

Leo and Cancer have their differences, but in truth, when together, they can become a super-couple. Leo, of course, is the perceived leader of this pair, but a leader is only as good as his/her most-closest confidant. Cancer is equally strong, but more willing to work from the background without all the fanfare that Leo loves. That’s what makes this couple a force in nature. If these two get married, then they’ve reached heaven as they both love families, kids, and hosting everyone for the holidays. Cancer will love Leo’s generous ways, and Leo will love the way Cancer pampers them. Another place where these two meet mind, body, and soul is in the bedroom. Cancer will enjoy Leo’s take-charge confidence and Leo will lose themselves in Cancer’s sensual style.

The Bad Side of Cancer and Leo

Cancer is ruled by the moon and Leo is ruled by the sun, making these two as different as night and day. This is also why Leo can act like the Universe revolves around them, as it does the sun. Both Leo and Cancer know how to spend money—they both like having the best, but Cancer will have to take up the role of planning for their future, so they’ll have to curtail both Leo’s spending and their own—easier said than done. If arguments get out of hand, whatever is left will all be split 50/50.

Keys to a Successful Union

Cancer and Leo are born one sign apart on the zodiac wheel, and they are as wildly different as the moon and the sun their signs represent. However, in reality, they both love to entertain, they both love children and the idea of family, and they both love living their best life possible. Let’s not forget their incredible sexual chemistry.

Here’s the key to success: Have fun figuring each other out; it may take a lifetime. Take a “live and let live” approach; sometimes your partner is right, too. Take turns leading, know your strengths and your lover’s also. Compliment your partner often, so even when you’re fighting, you’ll remember they love you.

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