Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Cancer and Libra

Cancers will find themselves instantly drawn to Libra’s classic and charming style. Both Cancer and Libra love having a home base that’s inviting and makes others feel at home. However, Libra thinks of home as a place to change before going out with friends for dinner. Cancer is more likely to suggest a home-cooked meal for two or watching the sunset. Libra loves to network and be social, and they’d like to take their Cancer with them. Cancer, however, will have a million reasons to stay home and take care of the millions of things that need to be done. Libra will get bored with this, fast.

If Cancer and Libra care for one another, they can see through their differences and focus on the things they do have in common. In this romance, Cancer and Libra can help each other grow into well-rounded individuals, and a winning couple. However, both will have to bend a bit in the name of lasting happiness.

Love by Element:  Water and Air

It’s no wonder Cancer is drawn to Libra and their air of sophistication. Both can easily see the differences between them and the apparent challenges an Air and Water coupling can present, but as Cardinal signs, they’re probably both willing to give it a go. Cancer’s “job” is to create a warm, welcoming, and safe home environment. Libra’s mission is to fill it with lots of company. Finding ways to compromise and accent their similarities is the best use of their time together. Perhaps Cancer won’t mind taking a break from cooking so Libra can bring them to the new bistro in town. It’s a good match, but it can take a lot of work to keep both happy.

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