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Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Cancer and Capricorn

When Cancer and Capricorn connect for love or any type of relationship, it’s an instant astrological magical mix that supports both emotionally, physically and even financially. Astrologically, Cancer is the sign of the “mother,” and Capricorn is the sign of the “father.”  These two are both cardinal signs (signs that begin seasons), and both have a very traditional view of the world as a whole. Capricorns can get wrapped up in their careers and often tend to be workaholics, but they’ll hear no complaints from fully-supportive Cancer. Cancer understands what drives Capricorn as they are often driven by the same desires – to have a comfortable home and family life, and a loving and dedicated partner.

Like many earth signs, Capricorn is a passionate lover who takes their time savoring the moment and paying attention to detail. Cancer appreciates Capricorn’s approach and reciprocates with a seductive swoon of emotional and physical pleasure. When Cancer and Capricorn get together, it can be a life where all of their basic wants and needs are fulfilled.

Love by Element:  Water and Earth

Cancer and Capricorn make a symbiotic blend of Earth and Water.  Both seek security and comfort in a relationship, and they both provide that for each other.  If Cancer and Capricorn cohabitate, you can bet their digs are a comfy and welcoming place that everyone will want to visit and perhaps never leave.

As a Water sign, Cancer brings intuition and sensitivity to this relationship, a perfect match for Capricorn’s more grounded approach.  In bed, they are seemingly made for one another.  Capricorn’s slow and sensuous approach to lovemaking will make the earth move for Cancer, and Cancer’s sensual style will set Capricorn adrift on a sea of floating passion.

The Good Side of Cancer and Capricorn

As opposite signs in the zodiac, Cancer and Capricorn complement each other well. In astrology, they are the parental balance of mother (Cancer) and father (Capricorn). Their chemistry is compatible and likely instantaneous. Both are capable of being go-getters and money-makers with the ability to build a mighty empire and a united front. In their traditional roles, Capricorn would be the provider and Cancer the nurturer. As Cardinal signs, these two love the more beautiful things in life, and they’re likely to achieve all of their desires. Needless to say, their home will be the best they can afford, comfortably equipped with the latest furniture and gadgets. And as one may guess, if they choose to have a family, Cancer and Capricorn would make great parents.

The Bad Side of Cancer and Capricorn

All couples can have their disagreements, but Cancer and Capricorn are pretty tolerant of each other’s differences, simply because their compatibility far outweighs any difficulties. In some cases, however, Capricorn, who usually takes the lead, may take over and take credit for things accomplished with their partner. This is more of an oversight rather than a deliberate disregard. Cancer will need to speak up and be counted. Also, workaholic Capricorn may need some convincing to put down their pencils at day’s end. Cancer may have to be both parents on some occasions. However, these two usually quickly work out any problems as they’re generally on the same page.

Keys to a Successful Union

Cancer and Capricorn are six signs from each other on the zodiac wheel—or 180 degrees apart. This fabulous angle is known as a trine, where you’re paired with your direct opposite who also has the same “quality” as you — in this case, Cardinal—the season beginners. These two can become a power couple in romance and business. However, they can connect (and repel) like magnets.

Here’s their key to success: The clue to success is the 180-degree angle, half of the zodiac—this relationship requires a 50/50 attitude in all things. Talk things out, compromise, but know that it’s a lifelong project, not just a one-and-done conversation. It’s well worth the effort.

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