The Accidental Flirt: How to Subtly Gain Attention

You Don’t Have to Throw Yourself at Them!

How do you “rub” someone special the right way without being too obvious about it? It’s called accidental flirting, and while some people really do this accidentally, it can be quite an effective tool when used on purpose.

Warning: These techniques work so well you may catch the attention of those who are either taken, attached, married, or otherwise off limits, so please make sure you know their status before getting your flirt on.

The Midas Touch

Research suggests that attraction can be fostered using touch, especially when shared eye contact is also involved. Use your imagination, and set up playful scenarios where you offer to teach someone a new dance move, place your hand on their shoulder to get their attention, or casually sit next to them so your thighs are touching. The message here is that almost everyone likes to be touched. It improves people’s experience in department stores, generates larger tips for waitresses and can also be used to get you more dates.

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Phantom Touch

People worry if they are doing enough to attract love. They ask themselves questions like “Am I showing enough cleavage?” or “Do you think she noticed my winking?” Yeah, she probably thought you had something in your eye. The truth is, the best kind of flirt is a mysterious one. It is more exciting for someone to wonder if you are flirting, than for you to be obvious about it. This can be encouraged by using what is called, phantom touch. Start by initiating only formal contact, such as a gentle hand on their arm. Then slowly work your way up to more intimate contact, which may include hugging or even whispering.

Touch and Retreat

People always seem to wonder, “Does he like me?” “Does she want to be more than friends?” Well, you could always continue to ponder the possibilities, or you could test the waters with a casual touch and retreat. When someone is touched by you and they like it, and you retreat afterwards, they may subconsciously move closer to repay the favor.

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No Agenda Other Than Fun

Purposeful flirting often fails because it causes people to feel pressure to react in some way. Accidental flirting is successful because it is naturally playful, innocent, friendly and non-demanding. The idea is to make the experience enjoyable enough to leave the person wanting more. The next time you see them, the playful banter will resume, but the rest is up to you.

Ask Questions

Curiosity makes people naturally more attractive to others. After all, we all like the feeling of someone finding us interesting. This can be taken one step further by asking questions that give that special someone the chance to connect with you on a more personal level (Hey, what’s the story behind that smile? You look like you’re having a good day.).

Take the Long Way Around Your Answers

We know that familiarity creates attraction, so when you take the longer road to answer a question, you give that person more information, and (hopefully) more reason to find you interesting. I’m not telling you to take it to the extreme, but you should realize that when someone is chemically attracted to you, they would stand and talk about filling out their taxes if it meant being close to you for a little while longer.

The Sideways Compliment

To compliment one’s appearance is obvious, and while it can make people feel good, it can also cause them to feel self-conscious, uncomfortable and leave little else to talk about. The better option is to give a sideways compliment, which suggests interest, but opens the stage for the other person to take the conversation further if they choose. For instance, instead of telling someone that you like their shoes, which offers little chance of developing a conversation, you could say, “There has to be an interesting story behind those crazy boots.”

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Work in Real Time

It seems logical that a subtle program in flirting should involve indirect forms of communication, such as e-mail or texting. As it turns out, this can make your actions appear less confident, complimentary or sincere. Yes, virtual flirting is tempting because it is an easier way to express yourself. However, you won’t find the same relationship success if you use it in place of the other tips I mentioned above.

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