Guardian Angel of Balance

No matter the concern – career, home, material realm, physical health, or the spiritual self – Dokiel is the angel to invoke to bring balance into your life. Learn how.

I chose this Angel through my guides’ directions this afternoon, during mediation. Dokiel is the Guardian Angel of Balance.This angel represents the balance of body, mind, and spirit. Remember: it’s within your power to make changes in your life wherever things are out of balance. Though change is hard, you can choose to exercise your free will at any time, to effect that change in any area of your life that is out of balance. No matter what the issue is, this angel, when invoked, will help to bring balance into your life.

Try this invocation: “I seek your guidance on how to bring balance into my life. Please assist in helping me make the right choices for my highest good – body, mind and spirit.”

Now visualize a point of flowing golden energy into your higher heart, balancing your feminine self against the masculine – on a horizontal line. Then do the same visualization, with your physical and spiritual self on the vertical line.

Did this work for you? Share your stories of invoking Dokiel.

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