6 Best Crystals for Emotional Balance

6 Best Crystals for Emotional Balance | California Psychics

Emotionally Off-Kilter

Life can land on you hard and knock you right off balance. When that happens, it can help to have some of the gifts Mother Earth abundantly provides for times of stress and crisis.

Crystals and gemstones emit healing energies that positively affect the astral and subtle bodies that surround and penetrate your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Different crystals have certain properties to help you with a variety of needs.

By surrounding yourself with nature’s natural healers, whether you carry them in a little pouch and/or keep them in your home, crystals for emotional balance can be among the very best things to soothe your weary soul. Healing crystals are plentiful, and in numerology, six is the number of balance, so here are six carefully chosen crystals for you.

Rose Quartz

Crystal of Unconditional Love

This pretty, soft pink crystal, aligned with the Heart Chakra, is known as a love magnetizer. Rose Quartz attracts love in all its vibrations, including both romantic and platonic. It also inspires genuine love of yourself, self-nurturing, and healing self-care. It is known to release negative energy and restore hope, trust, and harmony in both the emotional and physical aspects of your heart. It helps create unconditional love, empathy, forgiveness, and compassion for yourself and those you love, care for, and nurture. Sometimes, lovingkindness is all you need.

Cymophane Cat’s Eye

The Blessed Luck-Bringer

Cymophane Cat’s Eye is a chatoyant type of Chrysoberyl. (Chatoyancy means cat’s eye in French.)  Infused with sparkling Rutile, it comes in many colors and is connected to different chakras such as golden yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra), brown (Root/Base Chakra and Earth Star Chakra which is located just below the Root Chakra), green (Heart Chakra), and blue (Throat Chakra). Known to help transform negative thoughts into positive energy, Cat’s Eye is believed to provide protection from accidents, mishaps, evil spirits, and dark entities. It’s said to bolster self-confidence and self-worth, create blessings of wealth and good luck, and restore a sense of happy optimism to your soul.


Tranquility Stone

Known to help stabilize moods, create calm, dispel negativity, and bring about sweet sleep and gentle dreams, Lepidolite is used to help heal sadness and bring peace of mind and tranquility to the heart. This crystal of the Violet Ray is connected to the Crown Chakra and comes in colors of soft light purple, lavender, lilac, and rose-violet. Believed to be excellent for nervousness, it is thought to help empower intuition and assist seekers in receiving prophecy through meditation and dream state.

Blue Lace Agate

Stone of Peaceful Harmony

The beautiful soft blue hue of Blue Lace Agate is said to relieve the anxious heart of its worrisome burdens as it soothes and calms the soul. Connected to the Throat Chakra, it is used to heal the throat and open your abilities of verbal expression in both speaking and singing. It is believed to help you communicate your truth, encourage peace of mind, and ease stresses of every kind. It is thought to inspire empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance of self and others with a joyful sense of upliftment.

Black Onyx

Stone of Release

Used to absorb and release negativity, give grounding strength, stamina, self-control, and energy, and provide powerful protection, the shiny Black Onyx crystal is attached to the Root/Base Chakra. It is known to help you let go of old pain, negative thinking, grief, worry, strife, stress, and fear. It helps you to perceive Divine Mind with greater clarity. Believed to assist in courageously facing your inner shadow, it helps create the needed balance of light and dark in the soul.  It is one of the Protector stones and is said to shield you from misadventures and dark energies.


Stone of Balance

Believed to bless you with the mysterious magic of the moon’s power to nurture, protect, ease emotional trauma, and set your life back into balance, the shimmering pearly light of the Moonstone draws the angels closer to you. Also known as the Traveler’s Stone for its powerful protection qualities, it comes in various colors, and affects many chakras, from brilliant white (Crown Chakra) to the blue cat’s eye (Throat Chakra) to the rainbow (all chakras). Used to align all sexes with their inner goddess, it is considered a loving healer that also powerfully strengthens psychic abilities.

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