DreamCast: A Desert Journey

I dreamed an American Native man took me on his horse to the desert in New Mexico, and told me he wanted me to see his world. He appeared again, and said he would lead me through the desert, but it was dangerous – and I was not ready yet. What does this mean?


Janet in Pendleton, Indiana

Hello Janet,

I believe you’ve met one of your spirit guides. This Native American apparently wants to initiate you into the spiritual beliefs of his people. Do you have any feelings for the Native American cultures? Reading books about shamanism is one way to get started. But perhaps the thought of embracing spiritual beliefs outside your religion is threatening to you. Or perhaps you feel that the journey will take you to places where you feel alone or unsupported by your friends and family (there’s a feeling of aloneness about the dream).

However, you have some powerful forces on the spiritual plane that will assist you on your spiritual journey. I think your guide, by appearing in your dream, is saying that you are in fact ready (or nearly so) for this exploration of a new spiritual path. Best of luck on your journey!

Sweet dreams,

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