A Spiritual Carol

With Halloween around the corner followed by All Saints Day and Day of the Dead…I’m naturally thinking about ghosts and spirits…and yes candy of course but that’s not very relevant to what I’m trying to convey. Trick or treat! I mean, we all know after Halloween it’s a sneeze away from the Holidays. This year, on November 6th Disney releases A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. Yes we all know the story, we’ve seen the movies but this is in Disney 3D and Imax 3D and this time…at least for me, I’m looking at it with different spectacles. Get it! Spectacles?! 3D! Anyway…

As a kid, I was a little frightened by the ghosts donning chains and eerie voices that appeared to our unlikely protagonist, Scrooge, but after reading so many articles and posts about spirit guides and myself having had a few interesting experiences with the spiritual realm, I see these “ghosts” of Christmas past, present and future as less of a haunted Halloween mansion attraction and more of a karmic, generous offering from the universe to our tortured Ebenezer.

Looking at it now (and soon in 3d!…I can’t wait, I love 3D), I see that Scrooge was on a run of bad karma and suffering for it. These “ghosts” were really spirit guides or angels, depending on your interpretation. Had he not been lucky enough to receive these divine visits and had he not been open to them (Was Scrooge a medium of sorts!?) then he would have gone on living a fairly unhappy and uninteresting life but with a lot of divine intervention from the various time zones, he reconnects to his spirit and brings lots of Christmas spirit and cheer into the lives of others. I’ve heard of a couple stories in my family where someone was visited by a saint or spirit sending a message or even physically protecting the person from harm. I’m wondering now in this spiritual season, how many of us have had an experience, whether we believe it was haunted or helpful, that somehow impacted us in a life changing or at least attitude changing way? Now don’t Bah humbug me, let’s hear it!

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