A Beginner’s Guide to Energy Healing

Beginner's Guide to Energy Healing | California Psychics

Alleviate Stress with Energy Healing

With all of the stress that the world is currently under, energy healing may have come up as a way to help alleviate some of it on a personal level. Perhaps you have heard of it before and not given it much thought. Learning about energy healing and how it can benefit your spiritual health can provide a sense of well-being that may benefit you as well as those around you now and in the future.

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An Ancient Technique

Energy healing is a traditional form of metaphysical healing used to rebalance a person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The roots of energy healing can be traced to ancient China, Japan, and India while also drawing on the traditions and beliefs of the indigenous tribes of the North America. Removing blockages, or hindrances to the flow of energy can improve your quality of life and increase levels of activity, both spiritually and physically. Some forms of energy healing can be performed at home alone, while others require a visit to a practitioner in order to experience the benefits. Here are a few forms of energy healing available to beginners.


Qigong is a low-impact form of exercise that allows energy to flow more freely throughout the body. Similar to tai-chi or yoga, qigong is made up of slow, deliberate movements that are meant to promote healthy energy flow and help release any blockages from within. A traditional form of Chinese medicine, it’s believed to help you see your purpose more clearly. It has also been endorsed by the Harvard School of Medicine as a way to develop greater stability, physical balance, and as a release for muscle tension.


Of all the ancient healing practices, acupuncture is probably the best known to the public and widely accepted among medical professionals. It is the practice of carefully placing small needles along the 12 meridians of the body through which energy flows, according to ancient Chinese medicine.

Studies performed by the NIH and WHO have found that acupuncture has been successful in alleviating physical pain and nausea and helps to stimulate the nervous system of the body. If you’d like to learn more about acupuncture, read about it in our blog on Alternative Relaxation Techniques.


Another practice taken from ancient Chinese medicine, reflexology focuses mainly on the feet, ears, and hands. By massaging specific pressure points, blockages can be broken up, allowing energy to flow freely between the meridians and restoring internal balance.

Charka Healing

Drawn from ancient Indian and Hindu beliefs, chakras are believed to align from the base of your spine to the top of your head. They keep your mind, body, and spirit in balance, and when one is blocked, can result in both mental insecurities and possibly physical pain. The realignment of chakras and the proper flow of energy throughout the body can include meditation, breathing techniques, and incorporating symbols of the blocked chakras into your physical life. To learn more about chakras and how heal them, see our blog, Cleansing Your Chakras.


Reiki is a form of ancient Japanese medicine that involves another person laying hands on you to help the movement of energy that may have begun to stagnate within your body. It is said to help alleviate emotional pain and spiritual blocks, as well as release tension and stress.

Water Healing

An easy way to heal your energy is to cleanse with water. Have you ever felt a surge of energy after you’ve gone swimming in the ocean or a river, or after a shower or bath? This is because water can cleanse not only physical elements such as dirt and grime, but also spiritual elements such as feelings of lethargy or melancholy.

A Water Ritual

To clear away negative energy in any form, draw yourself a warm bath, add your favorite scent (epsom salt is sold at most department stores and sometimes includes scents such as citrus or lavender) and soak. Put on some relaxing music and focus on which areas of your body are holding tension. Take a breath through your nose and hold it for ten seconds before exhaling through your mouth. Do not push the air out but allow it to flow naturally for ten seconds.

If you find that slowing down and meditating in the bath makes you want to cry, allow the tears to flow, as the water and the salt (salt is one of the tiniest healing crystals in the world) of your tears are healing as well and can cleanse you by releasing blocked energy that you may have been holding on to unnecessarily.

Maintaining Balance

Creating small rituals for yourself that help you maintain balance and let go of stress are essential to your overall well-being. Even little things like meditation, eating a balanced diet of natural foods, planting a garden, keeping a journal, and surrounding yourself with people who uplift you can be considered forms of energy healing. With the help of experts and a little work at home, your spirit can find balance and calm.

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