Advice for First Time Readings

Psychic Accounting: First Time Readings and General Readings

As I ponder my work and the abilities that come with it I often think of ways to improve my readings especially with new first time callers and those who want a general reading. During this thought process I decided to start a new caller or general reading off with an accounting of the information I get from their name and birthday.

So many people are versed in the art of the spiritual realms and know what sign they are in Western astrology, but Chinese astrology is another realm as well as numerology that are not so familiar. These two other views offer different information that a person can add to their awareness of themselves.

Getting into the reading, I start with the basics – of course, I always let the caller know that they can stop me and ask a question, or for me to further explore the information I am giving them.

My accounting goes like this.

Date of Birth: Gives me the sun sign, yearly cycle they are in, and Chinese sign. Within these aspects, I can develop a personality profile, what vibrations the person is feeling and their source of strength, the year they are in as well as the past year and the year to come. With the Chinese sign, I can offer a view of their heart-felt attitudes and what empowers them in career, love and family situations.

The name of a person tells about vibrations that come with a karmic family energy as many people are named after a family member that has passed or becomes a Junior, nicknames carry heavy vibrations as well making names a vital aspect in a reading.

Throwing the tarot cards to get an overview is also part of the profiling process.

With a simple three-card spread, reflecting past, present and future we get off to a good start delving into the overall energy of what a person might be calling for. In doing these very basic steps, a foundation for questions emerges bringing a reading to the importance of why a person is calling in the first place.

Sometimes when a new caller is on our line or a person who only wants a general reading it might feel as if the reader is being tested. I have found that this is not the case most of the time; it is nice for the caller to know that you are seeing what they and their life is like giving validity to the reading and developing a trust for the predictions that in the end most people want.

There are times a person is in a state of flux with career and doing a profile accounting will uncover talents and abilities that they themselves might have never thought about exploring. When it comes to love and finding a compatible partner, a profile accounting will unearth the desires of the heart. In family situations, knowing your basic vibrations will help to temper difficult family members with kindness. In the realm of finance your profile will spot spending habits, both good and bad as well as ways to attract money and hold on to it.

By giving a caller their profile accounting, it creates stimulation in their life and the ability to solve problems and enhance ones existence.

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4 thoughts on “Advice for First Time Readings

  1. gsdmom

    Good article Quinn and response Gina Rose. I think it is extremely helpful to people, especially first-time callers to know a bit about how their psychic works.

    I would like to suggest to callers that they read and listen to the psychic’s bios. There is a lot of information in them on how someone reads, what information if any they require to start a reading, and whether or not they prefer to read on a specific question from the caller.

    When I call for guidance, it is usually to confirm and clarify intuitive input with another gifted person. That neutral party can really help illuminate things for me. I prefer to read with a psychic on a specific subject as opposed to a general reading. The bios can help to identify which psychics also prefer to read that way.

    There are many gifted psychics on this site that work in many different ways. The Customer Service people can also help you in selecting a reader that fits your needs.

  2. Peyton x5312

    Quinn, Love your article. Most of us don’t need tools to do readings for our clients, but having them available can give us the information quickly to zero in on what is going on with that person. Most of the time we only have minutes to give them what they are looking for. Bottom line is we are going to give our all.

    Blessings, Peyton

    P.S. You are all over the place, Love it all!!!

  3. arise

    I’ve always disliked being asked for birthdays and talking about sun signs, numerology, and so forth in a reading. 1) I may already know this information or I can look it up 2) I talk to a psychic to get information specific to me, not to find out more about my category 3) It takes time away from the direct conection with the psychic 4) To me it seems the reader is thinking their way into the reading rather than fully trusting spirit. 5) I just don’t like giving out personal information to strangers.

    However, a few years ago I encountered a situation which demonstrated the value of giving at least birth month and day. I asked my psychic about a romantic interest named Brian. He answered at length, but afterward I realized there were four single guys in my life named Brian, and one Brian who was a possible business associate, and it wasn’t clear to which one the reading applied! Had I given a birth date I would have been sure we were talking about the same guy!

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500

    I appreciate the clients that begin a reading b asking me how I PREFER to read (?)

    Because, speaking personally, I prefer to read absolutely cold, without any information upfront from the client.
    As a totally no-tools psychic, that channels direct from my Guides, it is realy the only way Iknow what I’m receiving is coming from my Guides and reading cold helps me to stay totally objective too.

    This was a good article, in that it showcases just how different psychics are in their gifts , reading style, and preferances.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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