Your Weekly Career Forecast for June 25-Jul 1, 2012

Venus, Warrior Goddess

On Wednesday, June 27, Venus will become visible again just before dawn, when she is considered the “morning star.” This is her phase of being a warrior goddess who is highly independent and blesses those whom she deems worthy. Recognizing the power of our individual feminine sides and the needs of women, children and animals is crucial to this week and beneficial results from this will last through the end of the year.

Businesses that are eco-friendly and sensitive to the needs of people, as well as projects that benefit children will get attention and support. Venus speaks to integrity in these areas and as a warrior goddess, may demand it. Finance will be on everyone’s mind (as it usually is) but there is an emphasis in this area now when you make presentations. Plan your work and creative projects around these ideas and you will likely do well over the next year.

“To see yourself as a success, think about your strengths and the things you are good at.” –  Psychic Leo ext. 5265


The week of June 25 is all about relationships. Your ideas are great, but you constantly need to think of how others will react. You are truly sharp in what you say. Just be aware that others aren’t as quick as you, as usual. Give them a little time to let those brilliant ideas make sense to them.


Are you feeling creative, wanting to pursue a singing career or pursuing competitive sports? If so, the beginning of the week of June 25 will be a great time to succeed. You could also have financial gains, although they may not be in the form you had expected. It’s still wonderful!


Tuesday June 26 through the 28th will be a great time to bring your favorite creative projects into form. Your original ideas are great, or you’ll pick up ideas from networking that you’ll develop into something fabulous. Trust your instincts and run with them.


The week of June 25, in the midst of your birthday month, you’ll be examining many old feelings and ideas and even contemplating career changes or a change in personal direction. These thoughts will be particularly strong midweek. Things will settle down a bit on Friday, so give yourself the weekend to consider all of your options.

“Discover what activities you enjoy doing the most and go after the career that uses these activities. When you love what you do, it won’t feel like work. It will feel like fun.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265


Midweek you’ll be considering your financial responsibilities, but at the same time you feel a deep desire to pursue travel, further education or spiritual thought. These different thoughts will all gel, so kick back this Friday and don’t make any major pronouncements until everything is settled.


On Monday June 25 you’ll be filled with energy and emotionally charged ambition. Direct that energy into your usual hard work until things are clearer, as work partners may be confused, not telling you everything or both. Things will be clearer on Friday so that you can better direct that energy.


Venus, your ruling planet, reappears on Wednesday, June 27 in her more aggressive “rising” mode, so you’ll be more ready for action at work. There is a great flow of expanding ideas and because you are focused more on work now, travel and educational opportunities can appear to help build a solid career future.


Finance is still your primary driving career force during the week of June 25. You could very well dazzle the boss or a client with your investment ideas—possibly your own creative project. Changes at work can bring opportunity as well, particularly on Friday.


By Wednesday June 27, your boss or client will be much more open to your brilliant new idea… and it’s a winner! There is still a strong focus on partners who should be beneficial to you—helping you bring your big dreams to fruition this week.


While your career has seemed more burdensome than usual over the past year, the week of June 25 begins on a positive note of higher energy. There will be many demands from work midweek, but what you accomplish will be really beneficial to your ambitions.


If you’ve been waiting for the financial rewards of all of those great inventions and connections you’ve made—amazing ones, really—then this week you will finally be seeing forward motion from management or clients. This summer will be a high energy “roll.”


These are transformational times for you—highly inspired and intuitive, but it’s been hard to find any definition out in the “real world.” Listen carefully to partners at the beginning of the week of June 25. Friday brings emotional relief and delights to prepare you for a better work week beginning the following Monday, July 2.

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6 thoughts on “Your Weekly Career Forecast for June 25-Jul 1, 2012

  1. Doctorted

    With all Due respect to the Editor of this Blog.
    It is not surprising to hear what the readers are saying.
    There are many heavy planets playing havoc on everyones lives at the moment,and will continue for the next few years.Especially this year.
    The main thing is,keep your feet on the ground,do not give into impulse,but to think things through on all levels before acting.Stop spending for a start,because by the end of the year,you are going to need every cent.No matter where you live in the world.The day of reckoning is coming for Europe,and it will affect everyone.
    Stay focused,give your loved ones as much support as you can,because there are many changes coming,self installed or not.Make sure you take some time out to just switch off,
    have some family fun,even at home,and you will all come through this great transition.

  2. Donna Hatch

    i am in a problem and would like to know what you say about or think about have this friend i think about all the but i have been with some one for 9 years now but my friend i have know for a lot longer then him?and in a way i want to be with him???

  3. Kate

    I”m so excited. I have been thinking about making things happen this week. I have so much I want to do and also have been thinking about volunteering and major events for a good causes. I hoping and praying this is the week that starts a new journey for me.

  4. Jessie Williams

    I have been writing and getting new clients for my work. These things accepted by my company will benefit in cash rewards, I hope. I do need more clients. YOu are on the money. Thanks.

  5. cindy mcintosh

    To my fellow water babies! Here is a quote from a Japanese leader who is currently the president of a Buddhist world peace organization of which I am a member of.

    Hope is a jewel that inspires and uplifts.
    As long as we have hope, we will never be deadlocked.
    Victory always awaits and happy smiles spread where there is hope.

    Hope is a flower that blossoms in effort and perserverance.
    Hope is the noble visible reward of those who accumulate unseen virtue.

  6. Saadia Sajjad

    i want to ask questions about my daily life, i mean these days life, is there is any problem with me? if yes then what’s this? tell me plz im really worried about this, because i saw many bad dreams like hen eggs inside blood


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