Psychic Maggie: Get Unstuck

How to Get Unstuck and Move Forward

Talking with Psychic Maggie ext. 5027, you’d think we were old friends. I get to talk to a lot of psychics. It’s one of my perks on the job. However, connecting with someone over the phone is a bit of an art form. Whatever she did, we connected immediately. Then she told me some stories about how she helps people get unstuck in life, and that illuminated my own situation.

One woman called about moving her business, but Maggie kept seeing something blocking her. Nothing was moving forward. However, once the move would happen, Maggie saw her business taking off and getting really busy. In fact, it would be so busy that she would have to hire someone in the spring.

During one of their discussions, Maggie got an image. Sometimes she sees images, hears voices or smells scents when she’s giving a reading. It all depends on the connection with the caller. This time the image was of an object in the woman’s purse. At first the caller didn’t know what Maggie was referring to. Maggie went on to describe that it was a pouch given to her by a female friend and it was suppose to give her protection. The caller then knew exactly what she meant!

This little pouch was given in friendship, but for some strange reason, it was actually blocking her from moving forward. Maggie suggested that she bury the object. The caller did, and the very next day, things moved forward quickly! The move happened, and she did indeed hire someone in the spring because the business was such a success.

Another caller wanted to know if she would get married. But it just wasn’t getting married. The woman wanted to know if she would find love. She was successful in many other areas of her life, but love had eluded her. Maggie saw the same man in all of their readings. The woman couldn’t see this happening and thought Maggie was just making it up. You know, telling her what she wanted to hear. This is something that Maggie definitely doesn’t do. She’s even had people hang up on her because she was telling folks the truth. And yet, the woman was patient. It happened. He arrived, and she found love.

Maggie helped me get unstuck with a writing problem. It’s not that I didn’t have good ideas—I have plenty of those. It was more like I felt I was afraid to finish what I started. I couldn’t understand the fear. Within seconds, Maggie told me about a friend I had that used to accuse me of not finishing what I’ve started. Chills went through my arms. It had been years since I thought about this now ex-friend, but that is what she would say to me. I felt that Maggie was on the edge of something… something good.

Maggie went on to explain that this friend was trying to mold me into something less than what I am. She remarked that I used to be an extremely confident person (for those who know me, I used to be even more confident than I am now—if you can believe that!), but that this woman whittled it away (Yes, I allowed her to do that, because she was my friend.). Although I am no longer around the Queen Bee (a perfect description from Maggie), I apparently held onto the idea that I wouldn’t be good enough and that I would never finish anything important.

Upon this realization, I felt relief! A surge of confidence rose up within me, and I can see my next steps in writing my books. This is all thanks to Maggie helping me get unstuck! Are you stuck somewhere in your life? Do you feel like something is blocking you from moving forward? Talk to Maggie to find out how you can remove the block.

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One thought on “Psychic Maggie: Get Unstuck

  1. Chrissi Matusevics

    you know that sounds like my entire life- it moves forward in fits and starts- sometimes backwards- I used to make myself what people wanted me to be and I’m only now just wiggling out of the ropes that I cocooned my life with because of that- and still I get stuck sometimes too it’s as if I’m a butterfly in a very tight cocoon


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