Your Weekend Horoscope: Power Struggles

Your Weekend Horoscope: Power Struggles

Your Weekend Horoscope

The Sun squares potent Pluto, setting off power struggles. Add rebellious Uranus to the mix and you are quick to cast off people, places and situations that limit your freedom of self-expression or cause you to feel restrained. This explosive energy promises big-time change with unexpected outcomes. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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Your wild and restless energy is definitely shaking things up. You are hungry for change and you don’t care who you have to go up against to make it happen. An authority figure may try to put a lid on your rebelliousness, but once you get going there’s no holding you back.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates internal unrest that manifests as an itch that can’t be scratched. Your resolution lies in breaking free from dogma or rules that no longer support your spiritual growth. It might be time to pursue a path that offers the answers and solace that will support the person you are now.


A friend or a group that you participate in might describe your behavior this weekend as unpredictable. You don’t mind challenging others and pushing them beyond their comfort zones. Is there a method in your madness or are you just making trouble? Consider the consequences before things get out of hand.


Major change is happening in your career and with your relationship with your superiors. You are stepping outside of your box and doing things differently than you have done them in the past. This is a good thing, but in your quest for progress you need to be mindful not to overstep boundaries.


Your ruler, the Sun, joined with Uranus in your house of higher learning, brings a desire for a bold experience that expands your physical or mental horizons. A trip could be enticing, but travel is unpredictable under this influence. Take a workshop or pursue a cultural experience that teaches you something new.


Your emotions are all over the place. This could put a strain on a relationship, as you need to be free to do your own thing. The balance of give and take between you and your partner needs to be reexamined, but you aren’t likely to resolve things now. Come back to it when you cool down.


Your Weekend Horoscope points toward a startling development in an important partnership. Some feelings you have been reluctant to deal with can no longer be ignored and you have to acknowledge how you really feel. Bringing the matter out into the open may inspire a major relationship change.


Your ruler, Pluto, ignites forceful communication when it is aspected by the Sun and rebellious Uranus this weekend. You could lose your cool when a matter pertaining to work or health fails to go according to plan. Getting upset only creates more stress. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.


You are acting outside the box when it comes to matters pertaining to romance, creativity, and children. You crave change and you don’t mind paying the price for veering off course. Use your insight to inspire rather than upset. Make sure that change is good for all involved and not just for you alone.


Excitement or upset (depending upon your perspective) in your home environment may challenge your ability to maintain order. The more you try to control what’s happening, the more your family members or roommates are likely to rebel. This is a fight you just can’t win. Know when to bend.


The Sun joined with your ruler, innovative Uranus, brings a certain ingenuity to your ideas and plans, but aren’t they just a recycled version of ideas that you have previously proposed? Something is preventing you from pushing forward and having a real breakthrough. Isn’t it time to push past your fears?


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that money matters could be subject to sudden gain or loss. Play it safe with finances, especially funds allotted for retirement or for long-term plans. Do your homework. Postpone important financial decisions until you have the information needed to act with confidence and clarity.

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